Monday, April 25, 2016

Lilian Forsgren: "I think and hope we are ready to replace Denmark"

With the World Orienteering Championships WOC 2016 taking place in Strömstad, this is, undoubtedly, a really important year for Sweden. The Elite athletes, in particular, face a tremendous challenge: to represent the national team, to compete next their own public and, of course, to achieve the best possible result. It's with a mix of emotions and also having the qualification for the Swedish team as her next major goal, that Lilian Forsgren spoke to the Portuguese Orienteering Blog.

How are you living this unique opportunity, with the WOC approaching so fast?

Lilian Forsgren (L. F.) - I think it's a great opportunity, and I can only see the positive parts of having a Championship at “home”. Great publicity, lots of friends and family watching and a chance to be really prepared for the terrain that awaits.

How are you managing your preparation? Have you had some good vibes so far?

L. F. - I had a good winter training and I have been several times to the terrains close to Strömstad. I live in Gothenburg just two hours south of Strömstad and I'm familiar with the terrain there which is actually quite similar to the terrain in Strömstad.

Do you prepare specifically the mental part?

L. F. - No not really, I like to be competing at "home ground".

In terms of technical and physical challenge, maps and terrains, what kind of competition will we have in Strömstad? Can you identify some similarities with the last WOC in Inverness?

L. F. - We will have, for sure, some tough races! Especially the forest races will be a challenge with steep slopes and heavy terrain. A little like the long-distance in Scotland.

Of all your previous experiences, which ones can be really helpful to the great challenges that you'll face ahead?

L. F. - The fact that I live in Gothenburg is probably an advantage. It is a little bit similar terrain that I'm very familiar with. But apart from that, I think it's previous Championships experience that will be most useful.

Are there some athletes that you admire the most at the moment? What do they have that you don't... but you would like to have?

L. F.
- I'm always inspired by other athletes and would like to improve in all possible ways. I'm admiring someone for their speed, someone else for their strength, someone else for the mental toughness or technical skills.

Is Sweden prepared to replace Denmark, getting all the gold in the Women competition?

L. F.
- I think and hope we are ready to replace Denmark, but we could never affect the other competitors' result. We just need to do as good performances as possible and then you never know how far it lasts.

What are your concerns regarding the next weeks?

L. F. - Longing to run the World Cup in Poland and then the European Championships in the Czech Republic, of course.

I asked you to leave a message to all those who will be in Sweden next August. And also to those who will stay home.

L. F. - Hope that all of you that will have the opportunity, come to Strömstad in the end of August! It will be a great week with both spectator races, beautiful terrains and surroundings but, most of all, exciting competitions! And for those who can't make it, I hope you will watch all the TV broadcasts!

Joaquim Margarido

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