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Portuguese Trail orienteering Championships 2016: Pinto, Valente and Domingues reach the gold

Ricardo Pinto, João Pedro Valente and Edgar Domingues were the great names of the Portuguese Trail orienteering Championships 2016, which took place in Lisbon. The first two athletes reached the national PreO titles, respectively in the Paralympic and Open classes, while Edgar Domingues is the new National Champion in TempO.

Highest point of Trail orienteering season, the Portuguese Trail orienteering Championships 2016 in PreO and TempO took place in the amazing "green lung" of Lisbon, which is Monsanto. Part of the Lisbon Trail Orienteering Meeting - event organized by the Clube Português de Orientação e Corrida and scoring for the European Cup in Trail orienteering ECTO 2016 – the Portuguese Championships attracted 16 national competitors, that joined 24 other athletes from abroas. The event was spared through three stages, all of them scoring for the Portuguese Trail orienteering League Invacare 2016.

Repeating the excellent result of the previous TempO stage, hold in Abrantes, Edgar Domingues (COC) was unbeatable once again, winning with the excellent result of 279 seconds. Edgar wasn't the fastest athlete responding to the thirty tasks (six timed stations with five tasks each), but he was the most accurate (two wrong answers only), eventually leading to won the national title and succeed, thus, to his sister Inês Domingues (COC), 3rd placed with 398 seconds. Occupying the intermediate position of the podium place, Nuno Pires (Ori-Estarreja) concluded his course with 357 seconds.

João Pedro Valente and Ricardo Pinto win in PreO

The PreO Portuguese Trail orienteering Championships 2016 saw João Pedro Valente (CPOC) being big winner in the Open Class. The athlete's victory - that comes from being crowned Spanish Champion,15 days ago, in Pontevedra - started to be drawn on the first day of competition, taking the lead with Nuno Rebelo (Ori-Estarreja) and a very small advantage over six other competitiors. In the last stage everything would be different and João Pedro Valente saw his advantage significantly expanded, relegating to the second place, five points away, the previous National Champion, Jorge Baltazar (GDU Azoia). The third place fell to Edgar Domingues (COC), with the same points as Nuno Rebelo (Ori-Estarreja) but with the advantage of having answered faster in all of the six timed tasks.

As for the Paralympic class, the scenario was quite similar, with Ricardo Pinto and Julio Guerra, both from DAHP, reaching the end of the first stage with the same number of points, but with the advantage to lean to Guerra, by the small margin of 0.5 second. The second stage, however, would clarify the positions. Ricardo Pinto performed really well, finishing his course with four points ahead from Julio Guerra and thus reaching his fourth national title in as many editions. José Laiginha Leal, also from DAHP, would occupy the lowest step of the podium, with less 10 points than the winner.

What did they say?

With two consecutive victories in TempO stages, the last of which to assert the national title, Edgar Domingues was, in the end, a happy man: “I'm surprised with these results and I'll try now to keep the level and achieve some good performances in the European Championships"”. Even without a clear explanation for the excellent start of the season, Edgar said that “being the technical responsible for two competitions recently could have been important, not only because it shows the event by an entirely different perspective but also because it's an excellent way to train and improve the accuracy techniques”. To “steal” the title to his sister, even more so on anniversary day, deserves from Edgar Domingues one last comment:”I really stay a little sad about the situation, but she is a great athlete, very promising, very young and from who we all can expect great results, both in European and World Championships.”

To recover a national title, even three years later, is a source of satisfaction for any athlete and João Pedro Valente is no exception. But ... “I still have this grief mismanagement of my time limit and that resulted, in the end, in a perfectly needless penalty point. To this must be added two wrong answers in the final part of the course, probably by the pressure of the watch, and it turned out to punish me”, said the athlete. João Pedro Valente add, however, that “this victory shows my good shape which is motivating; there are still many people who think that Trail orienteering is a matter of luck but the truth is that I already take a series of courses with good results, the latter one some very demanding tasks, and this consistency makes me think of a good result in the upcoming European Championships.”

In the aftermath of his fourth national title in a row, Ricardo Pinto left his impressions: “The goal was to win and be the National Champion, so I'm very satisfied. Despite a first day less achieved, things went very well on the second day and I'm very happy. This course was very difficult, very demanding at the map reading level and have been there that I have focused my training lately. I'm pleased by the results achieved and very motivated to go further.” To the World Championships?, we asked. “Let's hope so”, Ricardo concluded.


Open Class
1. João Pedro Valente (CPOC) 38/46 points (45 seconds)
2. Jorge Baltazar (GDU Azoia) 33/46 points (103 seconds)
3. Edgar Domingues (COC) 32/46 points (115 seconds)
4. Nuno Rebelo (Ori-Estarreja) 32/46 points (167 seconds)
5. Cláudio Tereso (ATV) 31/46 points (104 seconds)
6. Inês Domingues (COC) 31/46 points (157 seconds)

Paralympic Class
1. Ricardo Pinto (DAHP) 32/46 points (231 seconds)
2. Julio Guerra (DAHP) 28/46 points (304.5 seconds)
3. José Laiginha Leal (DAHP) 22/46 points (270 seconds)
4. Cláudio Poiares (DAHP) 19/46 points (322 seconds)
5. Alexandre Guedes da Silva (Individual) 18/46 points (139.5 seconds)
6. Ana Paula Marques (DAHP) 18/46 points (329.5 seconds)

1. Edgar Domingues (COC) 279 seconds
2. Nuno Pires (Ori-Estarreja) 357 seconds
3. Inês Domingues (COC) 398 seconds
4. Jorge Baltazar (GDU Azoia) 415.5 seconds
5. Cláudio Tereso (ATV) 424.5 seconds
6. Nuno Rebelo (Ori-Estarreja) 435.5 seconds

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