Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Spanish MTB Orienteering Championships: Toll Clos and Aguilera take it all

Pointing the best way an excellent start of the season, David Toll Clos and Monica Aguilera achieved the Spanish MTB Orienteering titles 2016 in the whole three distances - Long, Middle and Sprint. With the presence of more than one hundred and fifty competitors - including some of the best Estonian elite athletes - the event took place in Requena, west of Valencia, and was organized by the Club Correcaminos, with the collaboration of the Club ADCON.

Taking a look on the performance of Monica Aguilera (Tierra Tragame) in the Women Elite class, three victories by margins around eight minutes each say everything about the overwhelming dominance of the athlete on her most direct rivals. Aguilera repeated the Middle Distance and Long Distance titles achieved in 2015 and succeeded to Amparo Gil as Spanish champion in Sprint. In the Men Elite class, David Toll Clos (Go-Xtrem) had to work harder for the victories, against Jesus Bermejo Cristóbal (Randobike), Francisco Javier Costoya (Adventure Addict) and José Ignacio Franco (ASON), the runners-up in Long, Middle and Sprint, respectively. David Toll Clos thus renews the Spanish title of Long Distance and succeeds to Angel Garcia in the Middle Distance and Sprint.

On messages left on their Facebook pages, Monica Aguilera and David Toll Clos couldn't be more explicit when celebrating the three achieved titles. “The Spanish MTB Orienteering Championship is over and I'm very satisfied with my performances. In addition to the achievement of my third title of Long Distance, I also managed to get the win in the Middle and Sprint. Adding to this the really good maps and great friends as rivals, it seems to me that I cannot ask for more. My only regret is that Angel Garcia and Ivan Delgado Trigales haven't been able to fight hard as they always do”, said David Toll Clos. Monica Aguilera also made a point, leaving her testimony: “I am very pleased that, after so many years competing, I'm still able to continue racing in these events with the same passion as fifteen years ago and valuing enormously the chance to win.”


Long Distance

Men Elite
1. David Toll Clos (Go-Xtrem) 1:30:48 (+ 00:00)
2. Jesús Bermejo Cristóbal (Randobike) 1:33:13 (+ 02:25)
3. David Tarrés Villegas (COB) 1:33:34 (+ 02:46)

Women Elite
1. Monica Aguilera (Tierra Tragame) 1:42:08 (+ 00:00)
2. Sea Soler Puig (Tona Bikes) 1:51:01 (+ 08:53)
3. Veronica Montes Villar (Adventure Addict) 1:53:30 (+ 11:22)

Middle Distance

Men Elite
1. David Toll Clos (Go-Xtrem) 1:14:18 (+ 00:00)
2. Francisco Javier Costoya (Adventure Addict) 1:17:34 (+ 03:16)
3. David Tarrés Villegas (COB) 1:18:35 (+ 04:17)

Women Elite
1. Monica Aguilera (Tierra Tragame) 1:17:33 (+ 00:00)
2. Sea Soler Puig (Tona Bikes) 1:26:21 (+ 08:53)
3. Veronica Montes Villar (Adventure Addict) 1:41:44 (+ 24:11)


Men Elite
1. David Toll Clos (Go-Xtrem) 22:31 (+ 00:00)
2. José Ignacio Franco (ASON) 22:48 (+ 00:17)
3. Francisco Javier Costoya (Adventure Addict) 23:16 (+ 00:45)

Women Elite
1. Monica Aguilera (Tierra Tragame) 26:16 (+ 00:00)
2. Tania Lopez (Gallaecia Raid) 34:10 (+ 07:54)
3. Maria del Mar Delgado (SABON IES) 34:34 (+ 08:18)

Full results and further information at https://ceobm2016.com/.

[Photo: FEDO / fedo.org]

Joaquim Margarido

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