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10MILA 2016: OK Pan Åhrus wins Women Relay

It was a really intense battle. Halden SK's girls took the helm and led the barge almost to the end. But it was OK Pan Århus and Nydalens SK who sprinted for the victory. In the last leg, Maja Alm got to the Danish team its second victory in the last three editions of 10MILA.

The clock showed 2:15 pm when in Falun - Borlänge started the Damkavlen, the 10MILA 2016's Women Relay. On the start line, 323 teams of five members each handed out to another great adventure with the ultimate goal of achieving the best possible result, which means, for the best world teams, to think exclusively in the possibility of crossing the finish line in the first place. As usual, all really well balanced in the first leg, with the strong Norwegian team of Halden SK getting the leadership by the Swiss Elena Roos, with less than one minute on eleven other teams, including the defending 10MILA Damkavlen winners, the Swedish from Domnarvets GoIF. Recovering of a less good start on the second leg, Ida Marie Næss Bjørgul did a really consistent race, expanding in the end the Halden's advantage to 1:35 over Koovee, 1:37 over Fossum IF and 1:38 over Domnarvets GoIF.

With a really strong start on the third leg, Hollie Orr came to give to Halden a three minutes advantage over the second placed, but some mistakes next the finnish allowed Judith Wyder (Göteborg-Majorna OK) to draw nearer Orr, shortening the difference to narrow 35 seconds at the start for the 4th leg. In this moment, the teams of IFK Lidingö SOK, Nydalens SK and Koovee ran approximately 1:30 after the lead and Domnarvets GoIF was sixth placed, with 2:02 more than the leader. The shortest leg is here and the duel is now between Anni-Maija Fincke (Halden SK) and Viktoria Ernstsson (Göteborg-Majorna OK). A small mistake of Fincke is enough to Ernstsson to take the lead, but the last part of the race is quite dramatic to the Swedish team, with Ernstsson loosing time after time and finishing 1:49 away from Anni-Maija Fincke. Will it be enough to Halden SK to get back to 2012 and recover the 10MILA scepter?

Inappropriate for cardiacs

The start field for the last leg is amazingly strong and the Swiss Sabine Hauswirth will have everything but easiness to keep the first place. Lina Strand (Göteborg-Majorna OK), Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg (Nydalens SK), Maja Alm (OK Pan Århus), Anna Bachman (IFK Lidingö SOK), Svetlana Mironova (Koovee) or Emma Johansson (Domnarvets GoIF) are just some of the major names expecting for a mistake in the lead. And Sabine Hauswirth breaks. With half of the last leg completed, she falls to the 7th position, while Lina Strand gets the lead now. But Lina seems also breaking in the decisive part of the race and, with few controls to the finish, there's four teams separated by 9 seconds: Strand, Bachman, Nordberg or Alm? Göteborg-Majorna OK, IFK Lidingö SOK, Nydalens SK or OK Pan Århus? Who will be the winner?

We are approaching to the Prewarn and the Finish line and Lina Strand and Anna Bachmann lost in the meanwhile precious seconds. In the lead, Alm and Hausken Nordberg fight shoulder by shoulder for the victory. It's a duel inappropriate for cardiacs. The winner will be found in the final sprint and, here, Alm's greater youth will be decisive. The Danish girls of OK Pan Århus are jumping again to the top place of the podium, like they did two years ago. Cecilie Friberg Klysner, Josefine Lind, Signe Søes, Ida Bobach and Maja Alm reached the first place with the overall time of 3:57:36, 5 seconds before Nydalens SK and Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg. With more 42 seconds than the winners, Göteborg-Majorna OK was third.


1. OK Pan Århus (C.F. Klysner, J. Lind, S. Søes, I. Bobach, M. Alm) 3:57:36 (+ 00:00)
2. Nydalens SK (M. Sørensen, T. Lye, S. Ulvestad, A. Ulvestad, A.M.H. Nordberg) 3:57:41 (+ 00:05)
3. Göteborg-Majorna OK (K. Berglia, A. Forsberg, J. Wyder, V. Ernstsson, L. Strand) 3:58:18 (+ 00:42)
4. IFK Lidingö SOK (J. Sanderi, A. Hugosson, H. Karlsson, A. Gustafsson, A. Bachman) 3:58:22 (+ 00:46)
5. Domnarvets GoIF (J. Tullie, K. Højsgaard, D.S. Brozkova, J. Lindberg, E. Johansson) 4:00:13 (+ 2:37)
6. Alfta-Ösa OK (G. Vinogradova, J. Engström, S. Eskilsson, Y. Kindlundh, N. Vinogradova) 4:01:00 (+ 03:24)
7. Koovee (J. Huikkonen, M. Niittynen, M. Niittynen, U. Uotila, S. Mironova) 4:01:01 (+ 03:25)
8. Halden SK (E. Roos, I.M.N. Bjørgul, H. Orr, A.-M. Fincke, S. Hauswirth) 4:01:36 (+ 04:00)
9. Järla Orientering (I. Myhre, E. Jansson, E. Klingenberg, S. Klinting, K. Ohlsson) 4:05:22 (+ 07:46)
10. Fredrikstad SK (M.R. Kahrs, M. Kahrs, E. Johansson, L.M. Solberg, H.Ø. Bagstevold) 4:06:07 (+ 08:31)

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