Friday, May 27, 2016

EOC 2016: Middle gold for Kyburz and Alexandersson

Matthias Kyburz finally managed to get the gold in a forest distance. After his Sprint winning, five days ago, he was today faster than anyone else, achieving a mostly desired victory. In the Women Class, Tove Alexandersson was unstoppable, getting a two minutes win and reached the gold for the second time in this Championships.

The European Orienteering Championships EOC 2016 is come to an ending. Today, in Černa Voda, took place the last individual Final of the competition program, which was attended by 51 male and 52 female competitors for a tough and hard fought Middle Distance. Tenth placed in his qualifying heat, the Czech Jan Šedivý was the first to break the 34 minutes' barrier, taking the lead with 33:43. But the sweet taste of being first lasted less than ten minutes, when Gustav Bergman, Sweden, got a new best time, 1:13 faster than the Czech. From that moment on, it was a long wait of more than 43 minutes (!) to see if the Swedish would be able to keep the gold.

Matthias Kyburz was the last one to start. Since his European and World gold in Sprint, he's aiming for a victory in a forest distance and the opportunity is now. And he took it! Very stable throughout Černa Voda's curly terrain, with its slopes with many stones, stone grounds and watercourses, he managed to be the fastest, winning with the time of 31:56. Bergman was second while the third place went to the French Lucas Basset, with more 51 seconds than the winner. Oskar Sjöberg, Sweden, and Florian Howald, Switzerland, got the fourth and fifth places, respectively, while Šedivý would be the sixth placed, with the same time as the 41 y.o. Russian Valentin Novikov.

In the Women Class, the Danish Maja Alm was the first to register a result which could come to worth a place on the podium, with a time of 35:27. But when Tove Alexandersson ran under the 33 minutes – 32:37 (!), to be more precise -, the winner was found. Like Matthias Kyburz, Alexandersson joined to the gold, in the last sunday's Sprint, another tasty victory in this European Championships. Very irregular in the first half of her course, the Swiss Judith Wyder did an extraordinary recovery, finishing second, 2:20 after Alexandersson. Marika Teini, Finland, confirmed her excellent season, being third, 2:25 slower than the winner, but still reaching her first international medal ever. Maja Alm, fourth, the Finnish Saila Kinni, fifth, and the Swedish Helena Jansson, sixth, completed the podium. Out of the European Championships' accounts, the little Canadian Emily Kemp got the fourth best time, 6 seconds faster than Alm.


1. Matthias Kyburz (Switzerland) 31:56 (+ 00:00)
2. Gustav Bergman (Sweden) 32:30 (+ 00:34)
3. Lucas Basset (France) 32:47 (+ 00:51)
4. Oskar Sjöberg (Sweden) 32:58 (+ 01:02)
5. Florian Howald (Switzerland) 33:01 (+ 01:05)
6. Valentin Novikov (Russia) 33:43 (+ 01:47)
6. Jan Šedivý (Czech Republic) 33:43 (+ 01:47)

1. Tove Alexandersson (Sweden) 32:37 (+ 00:00)
2. Judith Wyder (Switzerland) 34:50 (+ 02:25)
3. Marika Teini (Finland) 35:02 (02:25)
4. Maja Alm (Denmark) 35:27 (+ 02:50)
5. Saila Kinni (Finland) 35:35 (+ 02:58)
6. Helena Jansson (Sweden) 36:08 (+ 03:31)

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