Saturday, May 28, 2016

ETOC 2016: Jansson and Gerdtman got the PreO gold

Sweden was the great winner of PreO competition that ended the European Trail Orienteering Championships ETOC 2016. In the final stage, Stig Gerdtman and Ola Jansson confirmed the first day's excellent performances, getting the gold.

With victories of the Swedish Stig Gerdtman and Ola Jansson, in the Open Class and Paralympic Class, respectively, came to the end the European Trail Orienteering Championships ETOC 2016. Today, the 127 competitors assembled in Vápenná for a course divided into two parts, with a total of 24 tasks and a timed station with two extra challenges. Achieving a clean race on the first day of competition, Stig Gerdtman and the Finnish Jari Turto faced an intense fight. But, as the controls were being overcome, the doubts were gone fading thanks to Jari Turto's performance much lower than expected, while Gerdtman was able to maintain a consistent presence and saving the first place with two wrong answers - 45 points out of 47 in the two days. Along with the Croatian Zdenko Horjan, the Hungarian Ferenc Fehér, the Slovak Dušan Furucz and the Italian Alessio Tenani, Martin Jullum was the most accurate, with only one wrong answer, which would worth the Norwegian getting the silver medal, after being second place, already, in the TempO Final.

The Swedish Jens Andersson saved the third position with a total of 44 points, the same as Zdenko Horjan, 4th placed. With 43 points, the Italian Remo Madella got the 5th position, and the 6th place belonged to the Lithuanian Robertas Stankevič, whose presence on the podium does not cease to be a pleasant surprise. Penalizing one point for exceeding the time limit for 6 seconds, the Slovenian Krešo Keresteš thus lost the 5th place, falling to 7th place with the same points of Stankevič. Also in the range of 42 points, one can find the Italian Michele Cera, World Champion currently, that finished 8th, the British Charles Bromley Gardner, 9th ranked and Jari Turto, which closed the top10. João Pedro Valente, Portugal, eventually missed a "unthinkable" point (of the 39 ranked in the standings' top part, just him was able to miss the control No. 20), thus losing the opportunity to keep a position in the top 10 and finishing in the 13th place.

In the Paralympic Class, the Swedish Ola Jansson and the Ukrainian Vladyslav Vovk also started in the lead, wielded arguments together with the main objective of the European gold. But Vovk - as Turto. in the Open Class - wasn't exactly in a “good day” and seven wrong answers ended any golden illusion. Likewise, Ola Jansson didn't have an easy day, but twenty points scored (adding to 22 points from yesterday) were enough to ensure the victory. Defending here the European title reached in Palmela, two years ago, the Swedish Michael Johansson also noted four wrong answers, yet sufficient to annul the disadvantage of two points for Vovk and guarantee him the silver medal. Vovk would be ranked third with 39 points. In the immediate positions were classified Jana Kosťová, Czech Republic, with 37 points, Søren Saxtorph, Denmark with 36 points and the Russian Pavel Shmatov with 35 points. The seventh ranked was the Finnish Pekka Seppä, with 33 points, the same as the Russian Eduard Oginskii, ranked eighth. The Lithuanian Laima Lažinskiene finished in the 9th place with 32 points and the Russian Dmitry Dokuchaev closed the top10 with 31 points. Overall winner of today’s stage was the Slovakian Dušan Furucz, who scored 23 out of 24 and answered to the two timed controls in 13 seconds.

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