Sunday, May 08, 2016

FinTrailO 2016: Marit Wiksell gets the victory

Marit Wiksell won the FinTrailO 2016. The Swedish athlete was faster and accurate as any other competitors in the two PreO stages and took the second place in the TempO stage. Martin Jullum and Pinja Mäkinen completed the podium.

Muurame and Jyväskylä hosted along the weekend the FinTrailO 2016, international TrailO competition that attracted 69 competitors from Sweden, Finland, Norway and Latvia. The programme started with the TempO stage and then directly with the PreO's first stage, on Saturday. Today it was time for the PreO's second stage and the prize giving ceremony. Lauri Kontkanen and Esko Juntilla were the course setters of the PreO stages, while Lauri Mäkinen signed the TempO's course setting. Lauri Kontkanen was the mapper of all stages.

After the victory in the TempO stage and a second place in the PreO, the Norwegian Martin Jullum (Halden SK) got the lead in the first day of competition, ahead of the Swedish Marit Wiksell (Rehns BK) and the Finnish Pinja Mäkinen (Koo-Vee) and Marko Määtälä (Kaustisen Pohjan-Veikot), all four with the same number of points (58). Wiksell performed really fast in TempO but did four mistakes against two mistakes from Jullum, Mäkinen and Määtälä. In the PreO, she made a “full” of 30/30 points, as 13 other competitors, but was faster in the timed controls, finishing the first day 8 seconds behind Jullum, overall.

Today, Marit Wiksell performed again at the highest level, winning with another “full” of 25/25 points and spending 8 seconds in the timed controls. Martin Jullum did a fatal mistake in the final part of the course (as 50 other competitors in the same control, namely Pinja Mäkinen and Marko Määtälä) and the winner was founded. Wiksell achieved 83 points overall, repeating the result in the FinTrailO, after her victory last year, in Espoo. Martin Jullum was second with 82 points, the same number of points as Pinja Mäkinen but with an advantage of 70 seconds in the timed controls overall.

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