Monday, May 02, 2016

FootO World Cup Round 1 2016: Switzerland won Sprint Relay

The Swiss team closed its participation in the FootO World Cup Round 1 2016 with a tasty victory by narrow 4 seconds over Sweden. In a Sprint Relay hardly contested, held in Trzebnica, Poland, the Danish team finished third.

Judith Wyder ran an impressive first leg in 15:29, giving to Switzerland a 3 seconds lead over Russia and 8 seconds over Sweden. On the second leg, Andreas Kyburz was the fastest again and the Swiss team reached the first half of the race with a good lead of 39 seconds on Sweden. In the third leg, Sweden shortened to 35 seconds the distance to the Swiss team, after a tight fight between Matthias Kyburz and Jonas Leandersson. Helena Jansson did an amazing race on the last leg, achieving the best partial time with an advantage of 31 seconds over the Swiss Rahel Friederich, however insufficient to get the win.

With Soren Bobach and Maja Alm performing really well in the second half of the race, the Denmark, World Champion currently, finished third 30 seconds after the winners. Russia and Norway were fourth and fifth, while Poland reached a well celebrated place on the podium, being sixth. The Foot World Cup 2016's next round will be within three weeks, with the European Championships taking place in the Czech Republic.


1. Switzerland (J. Wyder, A. Kyburz, M. Kyburz, R. Friederich) 1:02:24 (+ 00:00)
2. Sweden (T. Alexandersson, E. Svensk, J. Leandersson, H. Jansson) 1:02:28 (+ 00:04)
3. Denmark (C. Klysner, T. Lassen, S. Bobach, M. Alm) 1:02:54 (+ 00:30)
    Sweden (L. Strand, G. Bergman, M. Regborn, A. Olsson) 1:03:35 (+ 01:11)
4. Russia (A. Rudnaya, G. Tikhonov, A. Khramov, G. Vinogradova) 1:03:39 (+ 01:15)
    Switzerland (E. Roos, A. Rueedlinger, F. Howald, J. Gross) 1:03:39 (+ 01:15)
    Russia (Y. Novikova, D. Poliakov, A. Popov, S. Mironova) 1:03:55 (+ 01:31)
5. Norway (S. Ekeberg, W. Jarvis, G. Steiwer, I. Myhre) 1:04:53 (+ 02:29)
6. Poland (I. Wicha, W. Kowalski, B. Pawlak, A. Hornik) 1:04:58 (+ 02:34)

[Photo from Matthias Kyburz's post on]

Joaquim Margarido

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