Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Baptiste Rollier: A moment, a comment...

“The first leg could be followed during the warm-up only by the speaker's voice but without any picture from the forest as it was not possible to see the screen from the quarantine. Florian was doing well, being in the leading pack most of the leg. Towards the end he lost little time in a gaffling and therefore I started about one minute behind the lead. I was running most of the time with other runners but the group split just before the spectators passage. When I launched Martin, also about one minute behind, I tried to give him some motivation so that he would have extra energy to catch the lead.

Following the last leg on the big screen was nerve-racking. Martin did very well in the crucial moment and could get a gap (together with SWE 1 who was disqualified) on the other teams. But we were sure about the victory only when he punched the 2nd last control with few meters leading on the following teams.

It was a great moment to cross the finish line together with the two youngsters and that's why the relay is so special, that you can share these emotions with your team mates.”

Baptiste Rollier, Switzerland
2016.05.28 – Relay; EOC 2016, Černá Voda, Czech Republic

[Photo: Petr Kadeřávek /]

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