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CamBOr Itamar Torrezam 2016: Pasturiza wins in Rio Quente

The city of Rio Quente, in Goiás State, hosted the 2nd round of the Brazilian Orienteering Championships Itamar Torrezam 2016. Leandro Pasturiza performed at the highest level in the Men Elite class, winning the event’s two stages. In the Women Elite class, Leticia Saltori and Franciely Chiles shared the triumphs.

After Rio Negrinho have received, last April, the first round of CamBOr 2016, it was now the turn of Rio Quente, Goiás State, to host the intermediate round, in a event organized by the Brazilian Orienteering Confederation, Goiás Orienteering Federation and COER – Entre Rios Orienteering Club. The event offered a Relay stage, a night course, a TrailO course, a Long Distance stage and a Middle Distance stage, the last two scoring for the Brazilian Orienteering Championships Itamar Torrezam 2016.

In the Long Distance stage, Leandro Pasturiza (COSaM) made of his tremendous experience the greatest weapon, being very consistent throughout the race - only two minor mistakes that would have cost about one minute each - and ending with a time of 1:20:53. Claudinei Nitch (CASUSA) was the runner-up, nearly four minutes after the winner. Closing the event’s program, the Middle Distance stage showed Leandro Pasturiza at the top of the podium once more, followed again by Claudine Nitch. This time, however, Pasturiza made a huge mistake in the beginning, on his way to the 2nd control, losing 4:40 to his direct opponent. Nitch kept this (apparently solid) advantage close to the end, eventually "stumbling" in the control nº 17 and seeing himself overtaken by Pasturiza. The final controls were hardly contested, but the "veteran" could achieve another win, this time by narrow 5 seconds.

Pasturiza and Saltori in the lead of the Ranking

As for the Women Elite class, Leticia Saltori (ADAAN) won the Long Distance stage with an advantage of nearly three minutes on her team mate Elaine Lenz. Saltori started better on the map, but two major mistakes in the long legs cost her ten minutes (!). Having everything to succeed, Elaine Lenz came to lead in the intermediate part of the race but was very irregular in the decisive moments, finishing by losing the first place. The Middle Distance stage met two different protagonists, with Miriam Pasturiza (ADAAN) to get better in the map and lead in the first half of the race. But she did a three-minute mistake on her way to the 10th control, "offering" the victory to Franciely De Siqueira Chiles (COSM) by two minutes.

With these results - and after four out of six stages of the Brazilian Orienteering Championships 2016 - Leandro Pasturiza strengthened his leadership in the Men Elite class with 157 points overall and a significant advantage of 21 points over the second classified, Claudine Nitch. In the Women Elite class, Leticia Saltori saved the 4-point lead on Franciely Chiles and leads with 148 points. Elaine Lenz follows in the third place with less 16 points than Saltori.


Long Distance

Men Elite
1. Leandro Pereira Pasturiza (COSaM) 1:20:53 (+ 00:00)
2. Claudinei Nitch (CASUSA) 1:24:51 (+ 03:58)
3. Juliano Pereira Pasturiza (COSaM) 1:27:52 (+ 06:59)
4. Everton Daniel Markus (COSM) 1:32:29 (+ 11:36)
5. Joacy Dantas De Araújo (COSM) 1:33:54 (+ 13:01)

Women Elite
1. Leticia da Silva Sartori (ADAAN) 1:29:29 (+ 00:00)
2. Elaine Dalmares Lenz (ADAAN) 1:32:09 (+ 02:40)
3. Franciely De Siqueira Chiles (COSM) 1:33:26 (+ 03:57)
4. Denise Paiva Lucas Campos (ADAAN) 1:44:39 (+ 15:10)
5. Camila Luisa Cortinhas (COSM) 2:03:49 (+ 34:20)

Middle Distance

Men Elite
1. Leandro Pereira Pasturiza (COSaM) 44:17 (+ 00:00)
2. Claudinei Nitch (CASUSA) 44:22 (+ 00:05)
3. Juliano Pereira Pasturiza (COSaM) 46:44 (+ 02:27)
4. Cleber Baratto Vidal (COSM) 48:06 (+ 03:49)
5. Carlos Henrique Souza De Araújo (COGA) 48:43 (+ 04:26)

Women Elite
1. Franciely De Siqueira Chiles (COSM) 55:25 (+ 00:00)
2. Mirian Pasturiza (ADAAN) 57:14 (+ 01:49)
3. Leticia da Silva Sartori (ADAAN) 1:04:17 (+ 08:52)
4. Elaine Dalmares Lenz (ADAAN) 1:05:20 (+ 09:55)
5. Pavla Zdrahalova de Oliveira (COUFRJ) 1:11:08 (+ 15:43)

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Joaquim Margarido

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