Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Galina Vinogradova: A moment, a comment...

“During the first three legs I was in the quarantine and I had no exact information about the race's development. There was a screen in the quarantine, but Russia didn’t appear in the list of the team's positions, so I thought that my team would either be in the lead or had been disqualified. Then I could hear the speaker saying that our team (Andrei Khramov) was in the 2nd position. But in any case I thought that we would fight for the medals.

I took the first control together with Helena Jansson and Rahel Friederich. I felt comfortable with their speed. After the 9th control Maja Alm took the lead. I kept in touch before the last forking (13-14-15-16), a few seconds behind. When I punched control 16, I thought that Maja made a gap. I saw a girl on the street – in fact from Bulgaria, on her way to the 9th control – and I thought she was Maja. Before the last control, I looked around and I could see another girl, but I didn’t realize that she was Maja Alm. And only when I met my team-mates in the marked route to the finish, I realized that I was the first one.

But Orienteering is not just running, you have to wait until the SI-card has been reading. This time, the organizers made it quickly, I could confirm that punching was OK and our team had won the gold medal.”

Galina Vinogradova, Russian Federation
2016.05.21 – Sprint Relay; EOC 2016, Bruntál, Czech Republic

[Photo: Petr Kadeřávek /]

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