Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Marika Teini: A moment, a comment...

“When I saw Merja coming to the second last control right behind Tove Alexandersson, I was pretty sure we'll win this relay. In Finland, Merja is known for that she never loses a finish sprint and I believed she could beat also Tove.

The moment I was waiting on the finish line and realizing Merja really will take the gold was the happiest moment during my orienteering career so far. It was a perfect ending for an exciting relay.

Before the relay we didn't talk about winning. We were focused just to orienteer well and I think that neither Sari nor me didn't even dream about winning. We would have been really happy with any medal but we were lucky to have the strongest last leg runner on that day.

It's almost three months to WOC, but of course this win rises expectations towards relay there. In EOC, our second team finished on the sixth spot and so Finland will have a strong team in Strömstad, no matter who will racing there. I wish to be a part of relay team also there, but we'll see.”

Marika Teini, Finland
2016.05.28 - Relay's last meters; EOC 2016, Černá Voda, Czech Republic

[Photo courtesy Marika Teini]

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