Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Matthias Kyburz: A moment, a comment...

“Since many years I was aiming for a medal in a forest discipline. Sometimes I was close but sometimes I failed clearly.

After the last season, me and my coach came to the same conclusion: I haven`t improve my technique in the last year in the forest. So I started to work again more specific on details and worked with the national teams' sport psychologist to implement my technique in the forest.

The qualification went well and in the evening I got a SMS from a friend who wrote: 'Tomorrow is your day!' I just replied: 'Yes man!'

The outcome of the story is known! The happiness in my face is probably describing best how happy and also how proud I felt after 'finally' winning my first medal in a forest discipline!”

Matthias Kyburz, Switzerland
2016.05.27 – Middle Distance Final; EOC 2016, Černá Voda, Czech Republic

[Photo: Dobre Światło /]

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