Saturday, June 25, 2016

MCO 2016: Spain and Turkey share victories in the Long Distance

Spain and Turkey shared victories on the 2nd day of the Mediterranean Championships in Orienteering MCO 2016. In a hard and steep Long Distance stage, Ayse Bozkurt was the only to rise on the highest place of the podium for the second day in a row.

Continues in Divcibare, Serbia, the 5th edition of the Mediterranean Championships in Orienteering MCO 2016, with the second day of competition being dedicated to the Long Distance. With the fight for the top places reduced to three national teams, Spain and Turkey achieved two wins each, while Serbia had to settle for two second places, both in the junior categories. In Men Elite, Pau Llorens Caellas improved significantly his third place achieved the day before, winning today with a time of 1:20:38. The winner of the Sprint race, Yaşar Ismet Demiroz, Turkey, finished second with more 2:25 than the winner. In the Women Elite, the Spanish Violeta Feliciano Sanjuan was the winner in 1:17:24, leaving the Turkish Emine Segunsay at far 7:08. 

In the M20 class, the Turkish Ohran Kutlu got a resounding victory in 55:47, with an advantage of nearly 10 minutes on the Serbian Miloš Bilić. In the W20 class, the Turkish Ayse Bozkurt repeated the triumph achieved yesterday, after a hard fight with the Serbian Olga Stanojević. On the way to the final stage, Turkey strengthened extraordinarily its leadership, having now 67 points against 88 points from Serbia, which remains in the second place. Spain shortened the gap to Serbia having now 91 points overall and still ranking third. Tomorrow we'll have the last stage of the Championships with the Middle Distance race.


Men Elite
1. Pau Llorens Caellas (Spain) 1:20:38 (+ 00:00)
2. Yaşar Ismet Demiroz (Turkey) 1:23:03 (+ 02:25)
3. Javier Ruiz de la Herrán (Spain) 1:25:16 (+ 04:38)
4. Ahmet Kaçmaz (Turkey) 1:28:05 (+ 07:27)
5. Sava Lazić (Serbia) 1:37:17 (+ 16:39)

Women Elite
1. Violeta Feliciano Sanjuan (Spain) 1:17:24 (+ 00:00)
2. Emine Segunsay (Turkey) 1:24:32 (+ 07:08)
3. Dudu Erol (Turkey) 1:24:59 (+ 07:35)
4. Sladjana Jovanovic (Serbia) 1:26:07 (+ 08:43)
5. Marta Guijo Alonso (Spain) 1:33:25 (+ 16:01)

1. Orhan Kutlu (Turkey) 55:47 (+ 00:00)
2. Miloš Bilić (Serbia) 1:05:14 (+ 09:27)
3. Stefan Bilić (Serbia) 1:05:56 (+ 10:09)
4. Suleyman Eren (Turkey) 1:07:58 (+ 12:11)
5. Eloi Marti Romani (Spain) 1:08:20 (+ 12:33)

1. Ayse Bozkurt (Turkey) 1:03:04 (+ 00:00)
2. Olga Stanojević (Serbia) 1:04:22 (+ 01:18)
3. Rosa Sanchez Bishop (Spain) 1:28:59 (+ 25:55)
4. Beyza Yildirim (Turkey) 1:33:11 (+ 30:07)
mp Milica Bilić (Serbia)

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