Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Portuguese MTBO Championships 2016: Ferreira and Pontes got the Middle titles

João Ferreira and Susana Pontes got the Portuguese MTBO titles of Middle Distance in the Men Elite class and Women Elite class, respectively. Held last Saturday in Barcelos and organized by the Amigos da Montanha, the race registered the participation of 100 athletes, some from the neighboring Spain.

A little more than a month to the World MTBO Championships, that will take place in Portugal, the Portuguese Orienteering Federation and the Amigos da Montanha club organized once more a MTB orienteering weekend, calling to Barcelos a hundred of participants. The event program offered two Middle Distance stages, both scoring for the Portuguese MTB Orienteering Cup, with the extra of the Portuguese Championships of Middle Distance, taking place in the competition's first day.

In the Men Elite class, João Ferreira (CA Bairrada) got the national title for the second time in a row, beating Marco Palinha (CP Abrunheira) for nearly five minutes. After winning the national title of Sprint last April, the “bairradino” showed once more his good shape, climbing emphatically to the top of the podium. In the women's race, the winner was the Spanish Monica Aguilera (Tierra Trágame), but in the title's accounts Susana Pontes (COC) kept the gold in this distance for the eighth time in her career - the fourth time in a row -, imposing to Ana Filipa Silva (CPOC) by the short difference of 14 seconds. Luis Barreiro (NADA) and Tânia Covas Costa completed the Elite podiums in Men and Women class, respectively.

The stage on the second day had the same winners, with João Ferreira to feel in trouble to beat Daniel Marques (COC) and Monica Aguilera to back off easily Susana Pontes. In the sum of the two stages, João Ferreira and Monica Aguilera won the “Barcelos MTBO Open 2016” by a wide margin, relegating to the immediate positions Luis Barreiro and Marco Palhinha in the Men class and Susana Pontes and Ana Filipa Silva in the Women class.


Middle Distance / National Championships

Men Elite
1. João Ferreira (CA Bairrada) 47:15 (+ 00:00)
2. Marco Palhinha (CP Abrunheira) 52:24 (+ 05:09)
3. Luis Barreiro (NADA) 54:04 (+ 06:49)
4. Paul Roothans (CN Alvito) 56:28 (+ 09:13)
5. Arnaldo Mendes (ADM Ori-Mondego) 59:20 (+ 12:05)

Women Elite
1. Monica Aguilera (Tierra Trágame) 59:23 (+ 00:00)
2. Susana Pontes (COC) 1:03:57 (+ 04:34)
3. Ana Filipa Silva (CPOC) 1:04:11 (+ 04:48)
4. Ana Varela Yañez (Brigantia Aventura) 1:06:06 (+ 06:43)
5. Tânia Covas Costa (.COM) 1:10:27 (+ 11:04)

Middle Distance Day 2

Men Elite
1. João Ferreira (CA Bairrada) 57:56 (+ 00:00)
2. Daniel Marques (COC) 58:09 (+ 00:13)
3. Luis Barreiro (NADA) 1:03:46 (+ 05:50)
4. Angel Garcia Garcia (Brigantia Aventura) 1:06:02 (+ 08:06)
5. Marco Palhinha (CP Abrunheira) 1:06:58 (+ 09:02)

Women Elite
1. Monica Aguilera (Tierra Trágame) 56:04 (+ 00:00)
2. Susana Pontes (COC) 1:01:43 (+ 05:39)
3. Ana Filipa Silva (CPOC) 1:04:10 (+ 08:06)
4. Tânia Covas Costa (.COM) 1:06:34 (+ 10:30)
5. Noémia Magalhães (Amigos da Montanha) 1:13:46 (+ 17:42)

Complete results and further information at http://www.amigosdamontanha.com/?it=event&cop=2065&co=4112.

[Photo: Orientação Amigos da Montanha / facebook.com/orientacaoamigosdamontanha/]

Joaquim Margarido

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