Tuesday, June 14, 2016

World of TrailO

1. TrailO lovers could enjoy an intense weekend in the Uppland region, Sweden. On Saturday morning took place a TempO event organized by club OK Rodhen, in which Martin Fredholm (OK Linné) was the best of 41 competitors, winning with a record of 185 seconds. Stig Gerdtman (Vingåkers OK) and Marit Wiksell (Rehns BK) occupied the immediate positions with more 11 and 17 seconds, respectively, than the winner. The full results can be seen HERE. In the afternoon, took place a PreO event organized by club OK Linné and attended by 34 competitors in the Elite class. The fight for victory was particularly hard with six competitors to complete a 24 challenges clean race and leaving the final decision to the timed controls. Here, Stig Gerdtman was the fastest and most accurate, beating Erik Lundkvist (HJS - Vansbro OK) by the minor margin of one second. At three seconds to the winner, in the third place, ranked Magnus Sterner (Strängnäs Malmby OL). To see the complete results, please see HERE. Finally, on Sunday took place another PreO event, this time organized by Björklinge SOK club and with the particularity of offering to the 31 competitors a set of 30 points distributed along 220 metres (!). With just one wrong answer, Marit Wiksell and Lennart Wahlgren saw the chronometer as the decisive factor, Marit being faster with 14 seconds versus 19 seconds from Lennart. The third place fell to the Norwegian Lars Jakob Waaler, with 28/30 points. The results can be seen at https://eventor.orientering.se/Documents/Event/29576/1/St-mpelsammanst-llning-Pre-Elit.

2. Another important competition took place in Menina Planina, in the Slovenian Prealps, with the completion of the Menina Planina TrailO 2016 scoring for the CRO-ITA-SLO TrailO Cup and the Slovenian PreO League. The race was organized by club OK Trzin and featured a PreO stage on Saturday and a TempO stage on Sunday, the first with 20 controls and a timed station with two tasks and the second with 6 timed stations with five tasks each. The first stage had in the Croatian Tomislav Varnica (OK Vihor) the big winner with 19 points and 15 seconds, exactly the same result as the Slovak Ján Furucz (Farmaceut Bratislava). The Italian Remo Madella (Vivaio) was ranked in the third place with the same points as the winners but with 81 seconds in the timed controls. On Sunday, the victory in the TempO stage was to Remo Madella, ahead of his compatriot Suzy De Pieri (Eridano Adventure ASD) and Ján Furucz. In the meanwhile, on Saturday night took place a PreO Night stage, with Dušan Furucz (Bratislava Farmaceut) to be more accurate than the others. Overall, the big winner of Menina Planina TrailO 2016 was Remo Madella with 295.37 points against 288.43 and 279.19 of the brothers Ján and Dušan Furucz, second and third place, respectively. Results, maps and solutions can be seen at http://www.oktrzin-klub.si/sl/dp-tempo-2014.html.

3. The new map of Pedra da Câmara, in Arraiolos municipality, hosted the fourth edition of the Iberian Trail Orienteering Championships. Scoring for the Portuguese Trail Orienteering League Invacare 2016, the event was organized by GafanhOri, Gafanhoeira Orienteering Club - Arraiolos, in what was a successful debut in the organizational chores of this particular orienteering discipline. Facing temperatures above 30º C and a 20 control course with a three tasks timed station, the big winner in the Open Class was the Portuguese Cláudio Tereso (ATV) with 19 points, the same score as his team mate Luís Sérgio but a better performance in the timed station. With the club DAHP - Adapted Sports of Prelada Hospital absent, the Portuguese Alexandre Guedes da Silva and the Spanish Carlos Riu Noguerol (COMA) discussed the Iberian title. Guedes da Silva knew to obviate Riu's greater experience and fought hardly for the victory, both finishing with 11 points. In the timed controls, the Spanish won by narrow 7 seconds. More information at http://gafanhori.wix.com/cndme2016.

Joaquim Margarido

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