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5 Days of Italy 2016: Golden weekend for Keresteš and Kacin

The Slovenians Krešo Keresteš and Emil Kacin were the winners of the TrailO 5 Days of Italy 2016's two first stages, last weekend, in Conca del Tesino, Trentino. Susy De Pieri and Remo Madella were the best Italians, getting the national titles of PreO and TempO, respectively

PreO course with a set of 23 controls and two timed stations with four tasks overall, the first stage of the TrailO 5 Days of Italy 2016 took place last Saturday in Pieve Tesino, at Tesino Golf Club “La Farfalla”. Scoring for the Unofficial European Cup in Trail Orienteering 2016 and, simultaneously, for the Italian PreO Championships 2016, the course was setted by Daniele Danielli, having the participation of 45 competitors from twelve different nations. The Slovenian Krešo Keresteš (OK Trzin) was the only one to finish the race without errors, both in the course and in the timed stations. World Champion in 2007 (Kiev, Ukraine), Keresteš got a one point win on the Slovakian Jan Furucz (Farmaceut Bratislava), second placed. Libor Forst (MatFyz Praha), Czech Republic, was third with 21 points and 99 seconds, six seconds ahead of the Croatian Ivica Bertol (OK Vihor). Zoltán Miháczi (Tipo Orienteering Club), Hungary, has the fastest and the most accurate in the timed stations but missed three controls and got the fifth position. Susy De Pieri (Eridano Adventure ASD) finished sixth with 20 points and was the best Italian competitor, reaching the national title in PreO.

Scoring for the Unofficial European Cup in Trail Orienteering 2016 and, also, for the Italian TempO Championships 2016, the competition on the second day was planned by Renato Bettin and offered six timed stations with five tasks each to the 46 competitors gathered in Cinte Tesino, Monte Mezza. The winner was another athlete from Slovenia, Emil Kacin (OK Azimut), with three wrong answers and 399 seconds overall. Kacin got a 19 seconds win on the Italian Remo Madella (Vivaio), thus reaching the Italian TempO gold. Jan Furucz was on the podium for the second day in a row, being third with 423 seconds, despite six wrong answers. His brother Dušan Furucz (Farmaceut Bratislava) got the fourth place with 461 seconds, less three seconds than Libor Forst, fifth placed. Alessio Tenani got an amazing clean race in the first half, but wasn't able to get better than the sixth place, thanks to six wrong answers in the last fifteen tasks. With this results, Remo Madella took the lead of the Unofficial European Cup in Trail Orienteering 2016 with 142 points in six stages. The Swedish Erik Stålnacke (IFK Göteborg) and Lennart Wahlgren (Rehns BK) are second and third, respectively, with less 8 and 12 points than Madella.


ECTO #5 – Italian PreO Championships

1. Krešo Keresteš (OK Trzin SLO) 23/23 points (56 seconds)
2. Jan Furucz (Farmaceut Bratislava SVK) 22/23 points (42 seconds)
3. Libor Forst (MatFyz Praha CZE) 21/23 points (99 seconds)
4. Ivica Bertol (OK Vihor CRO) 21/23 points (105 seconds)
5. Zoltán Miháczi (Tipo orienteering Club HUN) 20/23 points (18 seconds)
6. Susy De Pieri (Eridano Adventure ASD ITA) 20/23 points (25,5 seconds)
7. Michele Cera (ASD Erebus Or. Vicenza ITA) 20/23 points (35 seconds)
8. Esko Juntilla (Muuramen Rasti FIN) 20/23 points (43,5 seconds)
9. Alessio Tenani (Gruppo Sportivo Forestale ITA) 20/23 points (52 seconds)
10. Emil Kacin (OK Azimut SLO) 20/23 points (58 seconds)

ECTO #6 – Italian TempO Championships

1. Emil Kacin (OK Azimut SLO) 399 seconds
2. Remo Madella (Vivaio ITA) 418 seconds
3. Jan Furucz (Farmaceut Bratislava SVK) 423 seconds
4. Dušan Furucz (Farmaceut Bratislava SVK) 461 seconds
5. Libor Forst (MatFyz Praha CZE) 464 seconds
6. Alessio Tenani (Gruppo Sportivo Forestale ITA) 473 seconds
7. Petteri Suominen (Helsingin Poliisi-Voimailijat FIN) 475 seconds
8. Lars Jakob Waaler (Porgrunn Orienteringslag NOR) 482 seconds
9. Krešo Keresteš (OK Trzin SLO) 483 seconds
10. Sigurd Dæhli (Løten Orienteringslag) 486 seconds

Further information about the TrailO 5 Days of Italy 2016 at http://www.trailo2016.it/.

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