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EYOC 2016: Step by step

Until next Sunday, the city of Jarosław, in southeastern Poland, host the 18th edition of the European Youth Orienteering Championships EYOC 2016. Nearly 400 athletes attend the event, which official competition starts today with the Long Distance and will end with the Sprint.

After Romania, in June 2015, the European Youth Orienteering Championships heads to Poland and to the city of Jarosław to its 18th edition. Having knowing its first edition in 1999, in Bad Schmiedeberg, Germany, the EYOC took place in 15 different countries so far, being in Poland for the second time, after Wyniki, Gdynia, in 2002.

“An inspiring competition, great fun and some unforgettable memories that will encourage to return to Jarosław once again”, are the wishes of Waldemar Paluch, Mayor of Jarosław. And it will certainly be, with as challenging competition to start, the Relay's big feast in the middle and the vertiginous Sprint to end the event in the best way.  

EYOC 2016 detailed program

1st July 2016 (Friday)
09:30 – 14.00 - Long Distance
14:00 – Deadline for Relay registration – names to legs – Event area
18:30 – Opening ceremony and Prize-giving Ceremony – Jarosław, Main Square

2nd July 2016 (Saturday)
09:30 – Start for Relay categories M18, W18
09:40 – Start for Relay categories M16, W16
09:50 – Start for Relay MIX
12:00 – Deadline for Sprint registration – names and starting groups allocation – Event area
18:30 – Prize-giving Ceremony – MOSiR Sports Hall
22:00 – Friendship Party – MOSiR Sports Hall

3rd July(Sunday)
07:30 – Closing pre-quarantine
08:15 – Closing quarantine
09:10 – 11:30 – Sprint distance
12:30 – Prize-giving Ceremony and Closing Ceremony – Finish area  

Note: All timings are in local time (GMT timezone).


The overall number of participants in this edition of EYOC is of 384, representing 33 countries. Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey are presented in Jaroslav at full strength, with four athletes in each competition class. Moldova, with one athlete, Croatia, Serbia and Australia, with two competitors each, are the countries with the lowest representation in EYOC 2016.

In the entries list, one can review some names that made history in the EYOC 2015, held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, as is the case of the French Elias Guilhem who will fight for renewing the Long Distance title in M16 class. The European Champion of Sprint in M16 class, the Swiss Nicola Müller, is another strong presence, competing this year in the M18 class. Other athletes who were present on the podiums in 2015 and return to EYOC this year are Pierre Erbland (France), Chamuel Zbinden and Elena Pezzati (Switzerland), Irina Lazareva (Russia), Jasmina Gassner (Austria), Andreya Diaksova (Bulgaria) and Amy Nymalm (Finland). France defends the Relay title in M16 class, Sweden in M18 class and the Czech Republic in W16 class and W18 class.

Portugal made its debut in EYOC 2005, in Sumperk, Czech Republic, so this is the 12th presence in a row. With teams in M16, M18 and W18 classes, Portugal reaches Jaroslaw with a strong ambition in good results, taking in the gold medals in Sprint of Diogo Miguel (Eger, Hungary, 2007) and Ricardo Esteves (Strumica, Makedonia, 2014), its biggest inspiration. Portugal will be represented by the following athletes: M16 - Tomás Lima, Manuel Oliveira, André Henriques and Pedro Moniz; M18 - João Bernardino, Ricardo Tenreiro, João Magalhães and Ricardo Esteves; W18 - Joana Marques, Beatriz Sanguino and Patricia Romão.

Terrain and useful information

Long: mainly deciduous forest, parts with good runnability, but also more dense parts with slow running, a lot of paths. Highly technical terrain, complex systems of valleys, landslides, small marshes. Difference of hill heights up to 70 m. 

Relay: mainly deciduous forest, good visibility and runnability, a lot of paths. Difference of hill heights up to 50 m. 

Sprint: Center of the old town with lots of small streets. Majority of the terrain has hard surface. Traffic in the event area is closed at all roads, however competitor shall be careful in case of vehicles outgoing from parkings and houses.

- Long Distance map will be in scale 1:10 000 instead of 1:15 000. This deviation from rules is approved by the International Orienteering Federation.

- In the Long Distance and Relay competitions legs shall be covered by clothing. In the Sprint terrain shoes with spikes are not allowed. Clothing for sprint competition is free.

- Competitors representing member Federations of the IOF, defined by the International Olympic Committee as belonging to the European continent, can compete in EYOC. Competitors representing other member Federations of the IOF can participate in EYOC but will not be eligible for European titles, medals or diplomas.

- The competition classes are M16 – men born 2000 or later; W16 – women born 2000 or later; M18 – men born 1998 or later; W18 – women born 1998 or later. Each country may enter a maximum number of 4 competitors in each class and one relay team/class.

Technical details

Further information

- The Opening Ceremony will take place at Main Square in Jarosław at 1st July at 18.30. Teams shall wait at 18.00 at Grocka Street. Organizers will direct participants. Each team is obliged to give one person for flag holding. There will be a small parade with orchestra to Main Square and then there will be the Prize Giving Ceremony of Long Distance competition.

- The climate of Poland is maritime and sometimes continental determined by the geographical location. The average monthly temperature in June/July is 19 degrees Celsius (66° Fahrenheit), but sometimes in the summer the temperatures rises to or above 30 degrees Celsius (86° Fahrenheit).

- During EYOC2016 34th edition of International Orienteering Competition Grand Prix Polonia will be organized. Competition will include 3 stages with total classification for classes from W/M-10 to W/M-80. All information about competition is published at

For further information, please visit the Event's website, at

Joaquim Margarido

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