Monday, July 11, 2016

JWOC 2016: Hadorn and Haataja got the Long Distance gold

The second day of the Junior World Orienteering Championships JWOC 2016 was, once more, a golden one to Switzerland. And not only for the Joey Hadorn's second victory in the competition as for the four medals out of six won today by the Swiss athletes. In a really demanding Long Distance, both physically and technically, Hadorn had the Finnish Anna Haataja along with him on top of the podium.

The national anthem of Switzerland returned to echo across the Engadine valley and Joey Hadorn was, again, largely responsible for this moment of joy. Twelve years after the title achieved by another Swiss, Matthias Merz - interestingly, one of the course setters of today's tough and demanding Long Distance -, Hadorn became the first male athlete ever to win the Sprint and Long Distance titles in the same edition of the JWOC. The victory in the race of Val Müstair is a successful sequel of yesterday's Sprint in Scuol, with the remaining podium to be a copy of what happened in the opening stage. Hadorn completed the 8,800 meters of the course in 1:05:01, against 1:05:53 of his team mate Thomas Curiger. Isac Von Krusenstierna, Sweden, finished third with 1:07:05. Away from their performances in Rauland, in 2015, the Finnish Olli Ojanaho saw to escape to Hadorn the world title, finishing in the 28th position, over eleven minutes after the winner. Second placed in last JWOC, the Swedish Hector Simon eventually had to settle with the fourth position, nearly one minute after his team mate Von Krusenstierna.

After the silver medal achieved last JWOC, the Finnish Anna Haataja was the highest rated competitor in the Women's race, eventually confirming her favoritism. Her time of 57:37, for a distance of 6,500 meters, is clearly better than the second ranked, the Swiss Valérie Aebischer, who finished the race in 59:27. Sofie Bachmann, also from Switzerland, got the third place, 2:54 after the winner. Gold medal in yesterday's Sprint race and seen as Anna Haataja's greatest opponent, Simona Aebersold, Switzerland, made a tremendous mistake that costs her about 9 minutes (!), finishing in the 12th place, 8:30 after the winner. Took part in the Long Distance race 164 male athletes and 145 female.


1. Joey Hadorn (Switzerland) 1:05:01 (+ 00:00)
2. Thomas Curiger (Switzerland) 1:05:53 (+ 00:52)
3. Isac Von Krusenstierna (Sweden) 1:07:05 (+ 02:04)
4. Simon Hector (Sweden) 1:08:04 (+ 03:03)
5. Matous Furst (Czech Republic) 1:08:08 (+ 03:07)
6. Dag Blandkjenn (Norway) 1:11:28 (+ 06:27)
92. Ricardo Esteves Ferreira (Portugal) 1:26:57 (+ 21:56)
125. João Novo (Portugal) 1:36:29 (+ 31:28)
138. Bernardo Pereira (Portugal) 1:42:22 (+ 37:21)
141. Vasco Duarte (Portugal) 1:43:59 (+ 38:58)
dnf João Bernardino (Portugal)

1. Anna Haataja (Finland) 57:37 (+ 00:00)
2. Valerie Aebischer (Switzerland) 59:27 (+ 01:50)
3. Sofie Bachmann (Switzerland) 1:00:31 (+ 02:54)
4. Anine Lome (Norway) 1:02:09 (+ 04:32)
5. Paula Gross (Switzerland) 1:03:50 (+ 06:13)
6. Leenukka Hanhijarvi (Finland) 1:04:28 (+ 06:51)
121. Filipa Rodrigues (Portugal) 1:42:35 (+ 44:58)
128. Joana Fernandes (Portugal) 1:54:21 (+ 56:44)

Complete results and further information at

[Image: jwoc 2016 switzerland – / photo by rémy steinegger]

Joaquim Margarido

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