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JWOC 2016: Sprint double gold for Switzerland

Without surprise, Joey Hadorn and Simona Aebersold were the big winners of the Sprint race in the Junior World Orienteering Championships' opening. On home ground, the Swiss took also the Men's silver medal, by Thomas Curiger, while Anna Dvorinskaia offers to Russia its first medal ever in a JWOC Sprint in the Women class.

Fine tourist destination in the Swiss valley of Engadine, Scuol hosted the opening stage of the 27th Junior World Orienteering Championships JWOC 2016. 167 male competitors and 145 female took part in a demanding race, tricky in some parts with interesting route choices and the need “to consider the climb in order to be successful”, according Urs Jordi, the race's course setter.

With a strong start and a very stable race along the 3,700 meters of his course, the Swiss Joey Hadorn was the M20 class' winner with the time of 12:47, slightly below to the 13 minutes' winning time expected by the organizers. After his 4th place last JWOC in Rauland, Norway, the Swiss Thomas Curiger got the silver medal on home ground, with more 9 seconds than the winner. The Swiss team took also the fourth and the sixth positions, by Simon Dubach (second on the Arena passage, but loosing nearly twenty precious seconds in the final part of the race) and Tobia Pezzati, respectively. After some small mistakes, a strong second half of the race earned to the Swedish Isac Von Krusenstierna the bronze medal, with more 18 seconds than the winner.

Confirming her favoritism, Simona Aebersold was able to cope quite well with the pressure of defending here the Sprint gold achieved last year, keeping focused all over the course. A really impressive performance of the fast Swiss gave her the lead from the very beginning, finishing with the time of 13:13 for the 3,300 meters of her course. After a very stable race and a good speed without mistakes in the last controls, the Russian Anna Dvorinskaia finished 52 seconds after Simona Aebersold, getting for her country the first medal ever in a JWOC Sprint in the Women class. Anna Haataja, Finland, got the bronze medal with the time of 14:08. 


1. Joey Hadorn (Switzerland) 12:47 (+ 00:00)
2. Thomas Curiger (Switzerland) 12:56 (+ 00:09)
3. Isac Von Krusenstierna (Sweden) 13:04 (+ 00:17)
4. Simon Dubach (Switzerland) 13:18 (+ 00:31)
5. Quentin Rauturier (France) 13:19 (+ 00:32)
6. Tobia Pezatti (Switzerland) 13:20 (+ 00:33)
16. Ricardo Esteves Ferreira (Portugal) 13:39 (+ 00:52)
77. João Bernardino (Portugal) 14:56 (+ 02:09)
83. Vasco Duarte (Portugal) 15:03 (+ 02:16)
93. João Novo (Portugal) 15:11 (+ 02:24)
113. Bernardo Pereira (Portugal) 15:45 (+ 02:58)

1. Simona Aebersold (Switzerland) 13:13 (+ 00:00)
2. Anna Dvorinskaia (Russia) 14:05 (+ 00:52)
3. Anna Haataja (Finland) 14:08 (+ 00:55)
4. Virag Weiler (Hungary) 14:16 (+ 01:03)
5. Josefine Lind (Denmark) 14:21 (+ 01:08)
6. Lotta Kirvesmies (Finland) 14:25 (+ 01:12)
68. Filipa Rodrigues (Portugal) 16:43 (+ 03:30)
95. Joana Fernandes (Portugal) 17:38 (+ 04:25)

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[Image: jwoc 2016 switzerland – / photo by rémy steinegger]

Joaquim Margarido

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