Monday, July 25, 2016

Simona Aebersold: A moment, a comment...

As I was the last starter in that Middle Distance race, I would know my exact result as I crossed the finish line. So I heard the speaker saying that I was the winner. At that moment, I knew that my race had been quite good and I hadn't made any big mistakes. It was the first time for me that I had run such a good forest race at an international Championship.

It was a really good race for me this time and I am really happy that it worked out that well. When I was on the way to the first control I felt like I was in a fairy tale because the terrain was really beautiful and the map looked so difficult. I had lots of fun orienteering through that very beautiful forest and I think that was also the reason for my success. The race was nearly perfect, with only a few mistakes and a bigger one to the last control when I didn't see the big capricorn.

There has always been one big mistake in my races that destroyed my dream of a medal in a forest race (for example, last year's Middle Distance in Rauland). So it was also my big goal for this year's JWOC to achieve a medal in a forest race. After the Long Distance I was really upset because another forest race was destroyed due to one big mistake. Just that it was not a technical one this time but an administrative... and that made the feeling even worse. I had had a long time before I was ready to set that map aside and this was why I started in rage for the Middle Distance qualification and, even if that was a good race, later on also for the final. However, I think that I will never forget that Long Distance final.

Winning the second gold on home ground felt like a miracle. I have been dreaming about a gold medal in forest and that it happened on home ground is even more beautiful. The spectators gave so much power with their loud cheering! It is really an honour for me to be able to experience a home JWOC and even a very successful home JWOC. I was so happy when I crossed the finish line in Susch because I knew that I had achieved another big dream.

Simona Aebersold, Switzerland
2016.07.14 – JWOC 2016, Susch-Lavin, Switzerland

[Image: jwoc 2016 switzerland – / photo by Roland Güdel]

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