Friday, July 08, 2016

Two or three things I know about it...

1. The IOF Biennial Report 2014-2016 has just been published.The document is presented by IOF President Brian Porteous on behalf of the IOF Council and put in detail all the work developed along the past two years. The strategic path 2012-2018, the financial matters, the IOF structure and the IOF events during this period are main topics of an issue that worth it reading. To see the report, please go to

2. Why are almost all modern maps the same way up? In an article published on BBC Future - -, Caroline Williams explores the intriguing history that led to this orientation – and discovers why it shapes how we see the world in more ways than we realise. The earliest version of a map, scrawled on cave walls 14,000 years ago, the Christian maps from 12th and 13th century (called Mappa Mundi) with east at the top, towards the Garden of Eden and with Jerusalem in the centre, or the modern maps, all them are analyzed here by a singular perspective, looking for a convincing explanation. If you're an orienteer, you like maps. If you like maps, you'll like this article. Don't miss it!

3. Orienteering Canada is sharing the results of Phase 1 of the development of a national Athlete Development Matrix (ADM), which is a document that describes what skills athletes should be learning at each stage of development. On the Long Term Athlete Development Model webpage [] you will find a series of tools to help instructors, coaches, and program administrators implement this matrix throughout their programs. These new resources include a Technical Skills Progression document, a Technical Skills Development chart (with a printable version), a set of Lesson Plans for an 8-week junior program, and a Lesson Plan template that can be adapted to different programs. Orienteering Canada encourage feedback (via email to or in person to Kate Knapp, Jeff Teutsch, or Kitty Jones) as they move this project along.

Joaquim Margarido

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