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MTB Orienteering World Masters Series 2016: Updated standings

After Australia, Turkey, Sweden and France, it was now the time of Portugal to host the MTB Orienteering World Masters Series 2016. After this round’s results, Jean-Charles Lalevee, Gabriele Finder, Charlie Somers-Cocks and Monika Bonafini are the new leaders in their respective classes.

Portugal hosted the fifth round of the MTB Orienteering World Masters Series 2016, on the occasion of the World MTB Orienteering Championships WMTBOC / JWMTBOC 2016 and the European Youth MTB Orienteering Championships EYMTBOC 2016. Allocated to seven classes, the male competition was attended by 43 athletes, while in the women’s competition took part 12 athletes in five classes. There were 31 competitors who did in Portugal their debut in the World Masters Series 2016, increasing to 472 the total number of athletes who took part in at least one stage in the present edition. Among the "newcomers", the focus is on the victories in one stage of the Russian Maxim Zurkin (M45), the Austrian Sonja Hnilica (M45) and the Spanish Maria Luisa Sanchez Vasquez (W50), and in both stages of the British Andy Conn (M50), the Turkish Tatiana Kalenderoglu (W40), the Australian Carolyn Jackson (W55) and the Switzerland Monika Bonafini (W60).

In the M40 class, the Spanish Juan Combarro Gallego won the two Portuguese stages, having now a comfortable lead of 83 points over the French Philippe Gignac. With one victory in Portugal, Peter Reibert Hansen, Denmark, improved his lead in the M45 class, with more 108 than the British Peter Simmonds, second placed. Even not competing in Portugal, the Austrian Manfred Stockmayer could keep the lead after the British Andy Conn’s victories in both stages. The French Jean-Charles Lalevee achieved in Portugal his second and third victories, taking the lead in the M55 class with a 11-point advantage on the British Keith Dawson. The German Harald Männel was absent of the Portuguese round but is still in the lead of the M60 class, now with just 7 points ahead of Jorgen Nielsen, Denmark, second placed. The Swiss Marco Bonafini was the only competitor entered in the M65 class, rising to the 3rd place but quite distant from his compatriot, Walter Rahm, who keeps the first place. Also the M70 class had just one competitor, the Austrian Wolf Eberle (in the photo), reinforcing his leadership which is of 102 points currently. There were no competitors in the M75 and M80 classes, where the Swiss Hans Rudolf Brand and the Australian Graeme Cadman keep the respective lead.

Tatiana Kalenderoglu was one of the round’s big winner, reaching the second place overall in the W40 class, 56 points after the French Helene Ediar. Even not competing in Portugal, Sylvia Thomas could keep the lead in the W45 class, the same happened to the Danish Birgit Hausner and Ellis Byrgiel Sommer, and the Australian Jenny Sheahan and Joyce Rowland, in the W65, W70, W75 and W80 classes, respectively. The Austrian Gabriele Finder got one victory in Portugal and has now a 37-point lead on the Danish Charlotte Bergmann in the W50 class. In the W55 class, the British Charlie Somers-Cocks is the new leader, with the little advantage of 3 points over the Danish Tove Andersen. Finally, in the W60 class, the Swiss Monika Bonafini performed successfully in Portugal, being now in the standings’ lead, ex-aequo with the French Nancy Barlet.

World Masters Series Scoring 2016
(Standings’ leaders after 10 stages)

M40 – Juan Combarro Gallego, ESP
M45 – Peter Reibert Hansen, DEN
M50 – Manfred Stockmayer, AUT
M55 – Jean-Charles Lalevee, FRA
M60 – Harald Männel, GER
M65 – Walter Rahm, SUI
M70 – Wolf Eberle, AUT
M75 – Hans Rudolf Brand, SUI
M80 – Graeme Cadman, AUS

W40 – Helene Ediar, FRA
W45 – Sylvia Thomas, GER
W50 – Gabriele Finder, AUT
W55 – Charlie Somers-Cocks, GBR
W60 – Monika Bonafini, SUI
W65 – Birgit Hausner, DEN
W70 – Ellis Byrgiel Sommer, DEN
W75 – Jenny Sheahan, AUS
W80 – Joyce Rowlands, AUS

The latest updated World Master Series Results after Races 9 and 10 in Portugal can be found in full at

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