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OO Cup 2016: Maps and Results

Austria, Italy and Slovenia hosted the OO Cup 2016, an event attended by 1500 competitors and that had Jan Procházka and Lizzie Ingham as the big winners.

“A bit strange feelings to finish this project which occupied our minds for such a long time. It was definitely the most complicated OOcup to organize, but seeing your reactions after the race looks like it was worth it!” The OO Cup 2016 organizers' words are quite clear. The event extended by 5 days and 3 countries – Austria, Italy and Slovenia -, having the presence of nearly 1500 competitors. The first stage took place in Villach, Austria, the second and third stages were held in Fusine, Italy, while Soriška planina, Slovenia, hosted the two final stages. Martin Lejsek was the first stage's course setter and Ivan Nagy designed the Italian and Slovenian stages.

Winning four out of five stages, Jan Procházka got the first position overall in the Men Elite class, more than twenty minutes before the Swiss Baptiste Rollier. The seven minute win on Rollier in the first stage worked to Procházka as a perfect input and the needed motivation to a couple of great performances. Martin Janata (OOB Kotlarka Praha) finished third, 39:57 after the winner.

In the Women Elite, Lizzie Ingham (Halden SK) was second in the first stage, 5:30 after Ina Westerlund (OK77), but she was able to win the next three stages and getting a comfortable advantage of nearly ten minutes on her most direct opponents. In the last stage, Martiina Joensuu (SK Pohjantäthti) was stronger than anyone else, reaching the second position overall before Westerlund, who performed quite below the expectations. Ingham finished third in the stage, getting a twelve minutes win in this OO Cup edition.

Overall standings (after 5 stages)

1. Jan Procházka (SK Praga) 4:10:21 (+ 00:00)
2. Baptiste Rollier (Kalevan Rasti) 4:30:59 (+ 20:38)
3. Martin Janata (OOB Kotlarka Praha) 4:50:18 (+ 39:57)
4. Leif Bader (OK Kare) 4:55 :21 (+ 45:00)
5. Flavio Poltéra (Quack OK) 4:56:18 (+ 45:57)

1. Lizzie Ingham (Halden SK) 4:30:23 (+ 00:00)
2. Martiina Joensuu (SK Pohjantähti) 4:42:23 (+ 12:00)
3. Ina Westerlund (OK77) 4:45:14 (+ 14:51)
4. Kim Baxter (South Yorkshire Orienteers) 4:51:55 (+ 21:32)
5. Kristyna Kolinova (OOB Kotlarka Praha) 5:05:07 (+ 34:44)

Complete results and further information at

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