Friday, August 12, 2016

Two or three things I know about it...

1. This weekend, the Linderudkollen ski centre, 10 km from central Oslo, Norway, will be the epicenter of the Night Hawk’s fourth edition. The popular Relay will be held in 8 legs (4 night + 4 day) for the Men class, and in 6 legs (3 night + 3 day) for the Women class. Night Hawk veteran men and veteran women will have the same courses as men and women, respectively. There will also be a Night Hawk for girls and boys (12 – 16 yrs) with 4 legs (2 night + 2 day), with the possibility of girls and boys running in pairs the night legs. 204 teams have entered for the event, which is a new record. Winner in 2015, both the Men and Women relays, the team of Halden SK is still the favourite, even without some of its stars. On Sunday, after Night Hawk, the program will offer a Middle Distance race, scoring for the IOF World Ranking. LIVE Coverage will be available on (from Thursday 11th August). Further information at

2. From 12th to 14th August, Druskininkai, Lithuania, will host the Falco Cup 2016 / Pre WTOC 2017. With all courses set by Andrius Jovaiša, the event is organized by OSK “Falco” and has to offer a Relay course on the first day, followed by a PreO course and a TempO course, both on Saturday, finishing with a second PreO course on Sunday. Both PreO courses score for the Unofficial European Cup in Trail Orienteering 2016 (stages #7 and #8). 89 competitors entered the event, being 57 in the Open class, 25 in the Paralympic class and 7 in the junior class. In the Open class it’s possible to see on the list some important names, such as the Slovakian Ján Furucz, the Ukrainian Vitaliy Kyrychenko, the Croatian Ivica Bertol, the Swedish Lennart Wahlgren and Martin Fredholm, the Italian Remo Madella or the Norwegian Sigurd Daehli and Martin Jullum. In the Paralympic class, the current World Champion, Vladislav Vovk (Ukraine) will be present. Everything to follow at

3. Throughout April and May, the FootO Athletes’ Commission surveyed the international women’s elite community regarding their thoughts on the winning time for women’s long distance events. The survey was sent out to all female athletes that have competed in an IOF world ranking level event, or higher, since the beginning of 2015; with a total of 452 athletes, from 46 countries, responding. Based on the results of this survey, the Athletes’ Commission recommended that the winning time for the women’s long distance event (at World Championships/World Cup level) should be increased to 80-85 minutes. Also, the men’s Long Distance estimated winning time should not be decreased to match the women’s estimated winning time. Finally, the new women’s estimated winning time should be reviewed 2-3 years after implementation with regard to increasing it again to match the men’s estimated winning time. Tou can read the full survey results at

4. With the 1st Bizkaya Saria's trophy, came to the end the Spanish MTB Orienteering League 2016. This was a very important round for the top two in the Men Elite class, David Toll Clos (Go-Xtrem) and Angel Garcia Garcia (Brigantia), both with possibilities to ensure the final triumph, but with Toll Clos much closer from achieving that goal, needing just a win. The truth is that Garcia achieved two victories and a second place against two third places and a "mp" from Clos, eventually reaching the top of the table in the last stage and achieving a victory as suffered as tasty. The difference between the two athletes stood at a mere 1.14 points (799.16 to Garcia against 798.02 from Clos), with David Tarrés Villegas (COB) finishing third with 764.17 points. In the Women Elite class everything stayed decided in the 8th stage, after 8 wins in a row of Monica Aguilera Viladomiu (Tierra Tragame). In the final round, Aguilera eventually consolidate the top position by winning two of the three stages, fitting Soler Puig Sea (Tona Bikes) the highlight note by winning the remaining stage and thus breaking an 100% winning series of Aguilera. In the end, Monica Aguilera recorded a total of 800 points, against 734.48 of Mar Soler Puig, second, and 701.62 of Ana Varela Yañez (Brigantia), ranked third. The overall final rankings can be seen at

Joaquim Margarido

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