Saturday, August 27, 2016

WTOC 2016: Slovakia and Sweden got the Relay titles

With the Swedish team showing all its strength, the TrailO Relay had an expected winner in the Paralympic class in the final competition of the 2016 World Trail Orienteering Championships. In the Open class, Slovakia was a wonderful surprise in taking the gold.

The 2016 World Trail Orienteering Championships have come to an end. Returning to the windmill park of Tolvmanstegen, the competitors finally faced a TrailO Relay race, an event being held for the first time ever in WTOC history. Nine teams in the Paralympic class and eighteen in the Open class took part.

Slovakia made trailO history. After some impressive results in the last two years, the Slovakian team of Marian Miklus, Dusan Furucz, Ján Furucz had a perfect race with no mistakes in the 21 tasks, and were quite fast in the timed controls with 102 seconds overall, good enough for the gold. Like Slovakia, Portugal also had a clean race, but were not as fast or accurate enough in the TempO station to get the gold, finishing with 91 seconds more than the winners. However, this was also a historical moment for Portuguese Trail Orienteering – and Portuguese Orienteering in general - getting its best result ever in a world competition. Finland, with 213 seconds, was placed third. Sweden were out of the medals by a short 8.5 seconds, taking fourth place. Norway and Croatia, in fifth and sixth places respectively, closed the podium.

In the Paralympic class, the Swedish team – Inga Gunnarsson, Ola Jansson, Michael Johansson – confirmed its tag as favourite for the gold, winning with the time of 334.5 seconds after one wrong answer in the course’s 21 tasks. Ukraine also missed one task but was far from Sweden in the TempO stations and finished second with 67.5 seconds more than the winners. As in the Open class, Finland took the bronze medal with 423 seconds overall. Russia, the Czech Republic and Latvia took the remaining places on the podium in this order.


Open class
1. Slovakia (Marian Miklus, Dusan Furucz, Ján Furucz) 102 seconds
2. Portugal (Edgar Domingues, Jorge Baltazar, João Pedro Valente) 193 sec
3. Finland (Martti Inkinen, Pinja Mäkinen, Antti Rusanen) 213 sec
4. Sweden (Marit Wiksell, Jens Andersson, Martin Fredholm) 221,5 sec
5. Norway (Sigurd Dæhli, Lars Jakob Waaler, Martin Jullum) 245 sec
6. Croatia (Zdenko Horjan, Tomislav Varnica, Ivo Tisljar) 280 sec

Paralympic class
1. Sweden (Inga Gunnarsson, Ola Jansson, Michael Johansson) 334,5 seconds
2. Ukraine (Iryna Kulikova, Yehor Surkov, Vladislav Vovk 402 sec
3. Finland (Kari Pinola, Tuomo Markelin, Pekka Seppa) 423 sec
4. Russia (Dmitry Dokuchaev, Eduard Oginskii, Pavel Shmatov) 443,5 sec
5. Czech Republic (Pavel Dudik, Bohuslav Hulka, Jana Kostová) 503,5 sec
6. Latvia (Guntis Jakubovskis, Valdis Strods, Andrejs Sulcs) 554,5 sec

Joaquim Margarido

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