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WUOC 2016: Long Distance gold for Andersson and Haataja

On the second day of the World University Orienteering Championships WUOC 2016, the athletes traveled to Királyasztal, where the Long Distance took place. In a mountain region, as beautiful as demanding, Rassmus Andersson and Anna Haataja managed to be faster than anyone, getting the gold medals.

Miskolc - Kiráslyasztal, Hungary, hosted the Long Distance race on the second day of the World University Orienteering Championships WUOC 2016 . With distances of 13.8 km for the Men class and 9.8 km for the Women class, the courses proved to be quite demanding, both technically and physically, still offering an exceptionally long leg in the initial part, which turned out to be very important in terms of the final results.

In the Men class, the Swedish Rassmus Andersson was the fastest of the 103 competitors, finishing his course in 1:23:59. Only once, Andersson recorded the best split out of the 23 on the whole course, but that was precisely on his way to the 3rd control, the long leg mentioned above. From that moment, the Swedish took the race’s lead, keeping it until crossing the finish line. Kaspar Hägler, Switzerland, and Johan Runesson, Sweden, finished in the second and third positions, respectively, with more 2:25 and 5:45 than the winner. Like yesterday, Áron Bakó was the Hungarian athlete best ranked, finishing in the 13th place, 9:22 after the winner.

Quite balanced, the Women's race had in the Finnish Anna Haataja the winner with a time of 1:14:27. Haataja was also the fastest in the important long leg, but she gave the lead to the Norwegian Inghjerd Myhre on the way to the 8th control, after a minute and a half mistake. In the final part of the race, Haataja, her teammate Miia Niittynen and the Swedish Lisa Risby were alternating in the lead, but Haataja was blameless in the last controls, eventually beating Ingjerd Myhre and Miia Niittynen, respectively second and third classified, by the narrow differences of 9 seconds and 48 seconds. Here too, the best Hungarian athlete finished in 13th place, and she was Virág Weiler with a time of 1:20:22.


1. Rasmus Andersson (Sweden) 1:23:59 (+ 00:00)
2. Kaspar Hägler (Switzerland) 1:26:24 (+ 02:25)
3. Johan Runesson (Sweden) 1:29:44 (+ 05:45)
4. Anton Sjokvist (Sweden) 1:29:55 (+ 05:56)
5. Ivan Sirakov (Bulgaria) 1:30:19 (+ 06:20)
6. Einari Heinaro (Finland) 1:30:40 (+ 06:41)

1. Anna Haataja (Finland) 1:14:27 (+ 00:00)
2. Ingjerd Myhre (Norway) 1:14:36 (+ 00:09)
3. Miia Niittynen (Finland) 1:15:15 (+ 00:48)
4. Helena Karlsson (Sweden) 1:16:03 (+ 01:36)
5. Jana Knapová (Czech Republic) 1:16:21 (+ 01:54)
6. Sina Tommer (Switzerland) 1:16:34 (+ 02:07)

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