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WUOC 2016: Middle Distance titles for Sjöberg and Forsgren

On the way to its end, the World University Orienteering Championship 2016 had today its last individual final. In a Middle Distance quite fast and very technical, the Sweden achieved two wins by Oskar Sjöberg and Lilian Forsgren, in the Men and Women classes, respectively.

Jávorkút Étterem és Panzió, 25 km west of Miskolc, staged the last individual final of the World University Orienteering Championships WUOC 2016. In a forest of great beauty and moderately steep terrain, the Middle Distance race offered intense challenges 
to the 199 participants, both physically and technically.

Following an almost perfect start, the Swedish Oskar Sjöberg knew how to take advantage of an excellent split on his way to the fourth control - in what was the course's longest leg -, to take the lead and keeping it until the end. Sjöberg completed the 5.6 km of his course in 33:11, with a lead of 12 seconds over the Czech Pavel Kubat, second placed, and getting a sort of compensation after his 4th place in the Middle Distance of the last Junior World Orienteering Championships. Sweden and the Czech Republic got the four following positions, with Johan Runesson to win the bronze medal with a time of 33:58 and repeating the place reached in the Long Distance race. Máté Baumholczer, in the 8th position with more 2:32 than the winner, was the best Hungarian athlete in today’s race.

Sweden also won the gold medal in the women's competition, thanks to Lilian Forsgren. Despite a couple of mistakes, the Swedish was better than the Norwegian Andrine Benjaminsen, finishing the 4.4 km of this particular fight in 32:12 and with an advantage of only 6 seconds over her most direct opponent. After a big mistake to the 7th control, the Czech Denisa Kosová couldn't got better than the third place, with a time of 34:24, a result that earned her the third medal in the competition, after the gold in the Sprint and the silver in the Sprint Mixed Relay.The best Hungarian athlete in the Women class was Csenge Viniczai in the 15th position, 5:49 after Forsgren.


1. Oskar Sjöberg (Sweden) 33:11 (+ 00:00)
2. Pavel Kubat (Czech Republic) 33:23 (+ 00:12)
3. Johan Runesson (Sweden) 33:58 (+ 00:47)
4. Miloš Nykodým (Czech Republic) 34:40 (+ 01:29)
5. Johan Hogstrand (Sweden) 35:02 (+ 01:51)
6. Rassmus Andersson (Sweden) 35:04 (+ 01:53)

1. Lilian Forsgren (Sweden) 32:12 (+ 00:00)
2. Andrine Benjaminsen (Norway) 32:18 (+ 00:06)
3. Denisa Kosová (Czech Republic) 34:24 (+ 02:12)
4. Amilia Bjorklund (Sweden) 34:28 (+ 02:16)
5. Kerstin Ullmann (Switzerland) 34:47 (+ 02:35)
6. Miia Niittynen (Finland) 34:53 (+ 02:41)

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Joaquim Margarido

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