Sunday, September 25, 2016

Porto City Race 2016: Esteves and Covas Costa won the Queen Stage

Ricardo Esteves and Tânia Covas Costa were the big winners of today's Porto City Race stage. Facing tough and challenging courses, both athletes finished the event in the best way, achieving good victories in its most important stage.

After a rainy night, the beautiful city of Porto woke up with sun and the excitement of an international Orienteering event. Organized by Grupo Desportivo dos Quatro Caminhos, the event had the participation of close to five hundred orienteers from 15 different countries, trying the tricky spaces of Asprela Universitary Campus, in the northern part of the city, in a stage scoring for the City Race Euro Tour 2016 and for the Portugal City Race 2016.

Showing a good shape in the fall of the season, the winner of the 2016 Portuguese Cup's ranking in the M18 class, Ricardo Esteves (ADFA), got a comfortable triumph in the Men Senior class with the time of 32:33, which was his third victory in as much stages along the weekend. Two athletes from .COM took the immediate positions, João Magalhães being second placed with more 2:45 than Esteves, and João Novo taking the third place with the time of 36:08. The Spanish Maikel Rodriguez (Budiñoraid), current leader of the Portugal City Race 2016, finished in the fourth position, 4:56 after the winner.

More balanced, the course in the Women Senior class had in Tânia Covas Costa (.COM), a surprising winner, over a really combative Triin Jäädmaa, Estonia. The difference between the two athletes was of 1:34, with Covas Costa recording 34:25 in the end. Joana Fernandes (.COM) took the third place with more 1:40 than the winner, while Filipa Rodrigues, the young winner of the two previous stages, mispunched. Portugal City Race's current leader in this class, Sara Miranda (Individual), finished 10th with the time of 47:17.


Men Senior
1. Ricardo Esteves (ADFA) 32:33 (+ 00:00)
2. João Magalhães (.COM) 35:18 (+ 02:45)
3. João Novo (.COM) 36:08 (+ 03:35)
4. Maikel Rodriguez (Budiñoraid) 37:29 (+ 04:56)
5. Pedro Duarte (ADFA) 37:56 (+ 05:23)

Women Senior
1. Tânia Covas Costa (.COM) 34:25 (+ 00:00)
2. Triin Jäädmaa (Estonia) 35:59 (+ 01:34)
3. Joana Fernandes (.COM) 36:05 (+ 01:40)
4. Joanne Pickering (WIM) 37:09 (+ 02:44)
5. Patricia Casalinho (COC) 40:25 (+ 06:00)

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