Friday, September 09, 2016

WTOC 2016: Croatia

Organizer in 2015 of the World Trail Orienteering Championships, Croatia presented itself in Strömstad with legitimate ambitions regarding the fight for the medals, even without one of its major exponents, the Paralympic athlete Ivica Bertol, silver medalist last year, both in PreO and Team event. Though one might expect a bit more from a set of great values, it's fair to highlight the extraordinary performance of Iva Lovrec that, at the age of 19, reached the 4th place in the TempO Final. The team of Croatia returned to the podium on the last day of the Championships to get the diplomas for their 6th place in the TrailO Relay. Ivo Tišljar standed 8th in the PreO, Open Class, redeeming himself from the modest results in the last four seasons.

+ Iva Lovrec and her unexpected 4th place in the TempO Final, improving the 17th place achieved in 2013 by Ivo Tišljar and establishing the best result ever of a Croatian athlete in this format.

-  Zdenko Horjan and his modest results in all competitions in which he took part. After the 4th place achieved in the recent European Championships, it was expected much more of an athlete who was vice-world champion in 2008 and in 2009.


Qual Blue
12. Iva Lovrec 284,5 seconds
19. Zdenko Horjan 328,5 seconds

Qual Red
12. Tomislav Varnica 291,5 seconds
16. Ivo Tišljar 297 seconds

4. Iva Lovrec 280,5 seconds
17. Ivo Tišljar 362,5 seconds
30. Tomislav Varnica 419,5 seconds

PreO Open
8. Ivo Tišljar 46 points / 50,5 seconds
33. Tomislav Varnica 43 points / 176,5 seconds
48. Zdenko Horjan 40 points / 178 seconds

TrailO Relay Open
6. Croatia 280 seconds
Zdenko Horjan (6 points / 77,5 seconds)
Tomislav Varnica (6 points / 33,5 seconds)
Ivo Tišljar (7 points / 49 seconds)

Joaquim Margarido

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