Friday, September 09, 2016

WTOC 2016: Czech Republic

One of the biggest names in the World of TrailO and frequent presence in the international podiums in recent years, the Czech Republic headed Strömstad with its main Paralympic team and with the newest star in the Open Class, the current European Champion, Pavel Kurfürst. The absence of Tomáš Leštínský was particularly noted in the TempO course, with the Czechs to put two athletes in the Final but finishing with Jirí Kalousek's 19th place as its best. Kalousek would also be the best Czech athlete in PreO, in the Open Class, while in the Paralympic Class Jana Kostová reached the 4th place, which was her third presence in a world podium in the last four years. As for the all-new TrailO Relay format, the Czechs were behind the expectations in both classes, finishing in 5th place in the Paralympic class and 9th in the Open Class.

+ Jana Kostová's 4th place is unquestionably an excellent result, although the athlete's ambitions could be higher than a diploma. But Jana's results overall could be much more valued with a better performance in the TrailO Relay.

-  After winning the European title in TempO, Pavel Kurfürst was “far” from this Championships. A good performance in the TrailO Relay wasn't enough to lead the team to the podium.


Qual Blue
8. Pavel Kurfürst 261 seconds
14. Jirí Kalousek 305 seconds

Qual Red
21. Jana Kostova 344,5 seconds
29. Magdalena Kurfurstova 414,5 seconds

19. Jirí Kalousek 380,5 seconds
26. Pavel Kurfürst 395,5 seconds

21. Jirí Kalousek 44 points / 47 seconds
37. Pavel Kurfürst 42 points / 104 seconds
42. Petr Dudík 41 points / 83,5 seconds

4. Jana Kostová 44 points / 66 seconds
13. Bohuslav Hulka 37 points / 73,5 seconds
21. Pavel Dudík 36 points / 66 seconds

TrailO Relay
9. Czech Republic 344 seconds
Petr Dudík (6 points / 89,5 seconds)
Jirí Kalousek (6 points / 63,5 seconds)
Pavel Kurfürst (7 points / 71 seconds)

5. Czech Republic 503,5 seconds
Pavel Dudík (6 points / 78 seconds)
Bohuslav Hulka (6 points / 47,5 seconds)
Jana Kostová (4 points / 78 seconds)

Joaquim Margarido

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