Saturday, September 10, 2016

WTOC 2016: Denmark

Without the charismatic Maria Krog Schulz, but reinforcing the commitment to the youth - with Karoline Schulz Saxtorph doing her debut in the World Championships - Denmark did what was expected. Søren Saxtorph reached the PreO podium in the Paralympic class, in what was his fifth presence on the big stage in the last eight editions of the Championships. Johanne Bieiring reached the TempO Final, after missing her presence by a narrow margin in the last World Championships.

+ More than the 6th place of Søren Saxtorph in the PreO competition, Paralympic class, we would mention Johanne Biering's 25th place in the TempO final. The result may seem not as good as that but this was the first presence ever of a Danish athlete in the TempO Final and it deserves to be highlighted.

- The modest performances of the Paralympic athletes Jahn Petersen and Bjørn Jørgensen Vognbjerg, particularly in the TrailO Relay competition, preventing Denmark of reaching the podium.


Qual Blue
10. Johanne Biering 266 seconds
28. Søren Saxtorph 396 seconds

Qual Red
22. Karin Biering 347 seconds
25. Karoline Saxtorph Schulz 358 seconds

25. Johanne Biering 393 seconds

26. Karoline Saxtorph Schulz 44 points / 189 seconds
29. Johanne Biering 43 points / 43,5 seconds
54. Karin Biering 38 points / 138,5 seconds

4. Søren Saxtorph 42 points / 89,5 seconds
30. Jahn Petersen 30 points / 175,5 seconds
33. Bjørn Vognbjerg Jørgensen 28 points / 226,5 seconds

TrailO Relay
13. Denmark 439,5 seconds
Karin Biering (6 points / 123 seconds)
Johanne Biering (5 points / 44 seconds)
Karoline Saxtorph Schulz (7 points / 92,5 seconds)

8. Denmark 844 seconds
Jahn Petersen (3 points / 138,5 seconds)
Bjørn Vognbjerg Jørgensen (3 points / 142 seconds)
Søren Saxtorph (7 points / 83,5 seconds)

Joaquim Margarido

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