Saturday, September 10, 2016

WTOC 2016: Egypt

Beautiful part of a successful story with little more than two years, the Egyptian Orienteering made history in Strömstad. With Ahmed Shaaban, Haytham Ahmed, Mohamed Abdelbaky and Tamer Mehanna in the team, Egypt became the first African country ever to participate in the World Trail Orienteering Championships. We all eagerly await the next steps, wishing to Egytp all the best along this journey.

+ The historic presence of Egypt in Strömstad is, by itself, one of the most positive remarks of this edition of the World Trail Orienteering Championships. It would be unfair to ask for results to those who dared to face the best in the world.

- Nothing negative to note. To learn was the goal and this was, surely, achieved.


Qual Blue
36. Ahmed Shaaban 776 seconds

Qual Red
36. Tamer Mehanna 807 seconds

60. Mohamed Abdelbaky 19 points / 305 seconds
61. Haytham Ahmed 15 points / 425 seconds

36. Ahmed Shaaban 24 points / 269,5 seconds

TrailO Relay
18. Egypt 1087,5 seconds
Ahmed Shaaban (3 points / 201 seconds)
Haytham Ahmed (4 points / 158,5 seconds)
Mohamed Abdelbaky (4 points / 128 seconds)

Joaquim Margarido

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