Monday, September 12, 2016

WTOC 2016: Great Britain

Mix of experience and youth, so we can set the profile of the British team in the 2016 World Trail Orienteering Championships. To the “familiar” Ian Ditchfield, John Kewley and Peter Roberts, joined the young Tom Dobra - ensuring this year a presence in the TempO Final, thus justifying his call to the team -, the “rookie” Nick Barrable and the “veteran” Dick Kighley, absent in the previous four years. The results achieved certainly don't match with the aspirations of the British athletes and this passage by Strömstad was useful, mainly, to learn, correct and improve.

+ Nick Barrable made his debut in the World Trail orienteering Championships with some quite interesting results. He was clearly the best member in the team and someone we may expect great results in the future.

- Great Britain's top athlete, Ian Ditchfield was particularly “off” in Strömstad, recording his worst result ever since 2010, the year he made his debut in the World Championships. From the 5th place in 2012 to the 46th this year goes a huge difference that only the athlete will know to explain.


Qual Blue
13. Tom Dobra 296 seconds
24. John Kewley 372 seconds

Qual Red
7. Nick Barrable 260,5 seconds
28. Ian Ditchfield 411 seconds

29. Nick Barrable 416 seconds
34. Tom Dobra 465,5 seconds

25. Nick Barrable 44 points / 144,5 seconds
30. John Kewley 43 points / 123 seconds
46. Ian Ditchfield 40 points / 58,5 seconds

26. Richard Keighley 33 points / 246,5 seconds
29. Peter Roberts 30 points / 131,5 seconds

TrailO Relay
8. Great Britain 330 seconds
John Kewley (6 points / 75,5 seconds)
Tom Dobra (6 points / 55,5 seconds)
Nick Barrable (7 points / 79 seconds)

Joaquim Margarido

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