Wednesday, September 14, 2016

WTOC 2016: Italy

Italy presented itself in Strömstad as one of the most feared teams. With the current World Champion in PreO and the leader of the European Cup, respectively Michele Cera and Remo Madella, in the team, the Azzurri still brought with them the European title in TrailO Relay, recently achieved in the Czech Republic. Given this, the 5th place and the corresponding diploma of Madella in the TempO competition it's a small profit to those who had justified expectations in something else. Still a word to the 19th place of Piergiorgio Zancanaro in the PreO competition, Paralympic Class, the best result in this class in the last 7 years.

+ Remo Madella was the star of the team. His qualification for the TempO final wasn't easy - he was the last athlete stamping the passport to the decisive race - but in the moments that counted he shone at the highest level. It is true that he had in the PreO his worst result ever in seven presences in the World Championships, but a podium is always a podium and speaks louder than anything else.

- Alessio Tenani wasn't particularly happy during the World Championships, failing in the moments where to fail was forbidden. After the brilliant performance in the TempO qualification, Tenani wouldn't go beyond the 16th place in the Final. His PreO result was also below the expectations and one mistake on the PreO part of the TrailO Relay deprived the European Champions of being present on the podium.


Qual Blue
2. Alessio Tenani 176 seconds
27. Renato Bettin 395 seconds

Qual Red
14. Michele Cera 294 seconds
18. Remo Madella 310,5 seconds

5. Remo Madella 288 seconds
9. Michele Cera 319 seconds
16. Alessio Tenani 361,5 seconds

12. Michele Cera 46 points / 116 seconds
27. Renato Bettin 44 points / 199,5 seconds
34. Alessio Tenani 43 points / 195,5 seconds
35. Remo Madella 42 points / 53 seconds

19. Piergiorgio Zancanaro 37 points / 201 seconds
27. Fabio Bortolami 32 points / 244,5 seconds
34. Mauro Nardo 28 points / 308 seconds

TrailO Relay
7. Italy 301 seconds
Remo Madella (7 points / 107,5 seconds)
Michele Cera (7 points / 37,5 seconds)
Alessio Tenani (6 points / 96 seconds)

9. Italy 884,5 seconds
Mauro Nardo (5 points / 124,5 seconds)
Fabio Bortolami (5 points / 160 seconds)
Piergiorgio Zancanaro (4 points / 180 seconds)

Joaquim Margarido

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