Thursday, September 15, 2016

WTOC 2016: Japan

With four athletes in the Open class and two in the Paralympic class, Japan took presence once more in the World Trail Orienteering Championships, being one of the eight “totalistic” nations so far, scoring a constant presence throughout the event's thirteen editions (the others nations are Finland, Great Britain, Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the United States). Japan's performances were modest this year but the fact of taking two athletes to the TempO Final - as happened in 2013 and in 2015 – deserves to be highlighted.

+ Finishing the TempO competition in the 20th place, Tatsuyoshi Koizumi matched the best result ever of a Japanese athlete in this competition, side by side with Toshihumi Yoshimura (Vuokatti, Finland 2013).

- Back to the World Championships after a break of five years, Yusuke Okubo was out of the TempO Final and finished the PreO race, Open Class, in the 56th position. A good performance in the Relay isn't enough to hide a quite modest presence overall.


Qual Blue
11. Kentaro Iwata 267,5 seconds
22. Mitsumasa Sugimoto 357 seconds

Qual Red
11. Tatsuyoshi Koizumi 291 seconds
23. Yusuke Okubo 347,5 seconds

20. Tatsuyoshi Koizumi 381,5 seconds
36. Kentaro Iwata 491 seconds

41. Haruo Kimura 42 points / 261,5 seconds
43. Tatsuyoshi Koizumi 41 points / 114,5 seconds
56. Yusuke Okubo 38 points / 199,5 seconds

32. Nobuyuki Takayanagi 29 points / 358 seconds
37. Nagamitsu Mori 22 points / 285 seconds

TrailO Relay
12. Japan 383,5 seconds
Yusuke Okubo (7 points / 100 seconds)
Haruo Kimura (7 points / 89,5 seconds)
Tatsuyoshi Koizumi (5 points / 74 seconds)

Joaquim Margarido

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