Saturday, September 17, 2016

WTOC 2016: Lithuania

What has been said a few days ago about the Great Britain is fully applicable to Lithuania and its presence in Strömstad. Less than a year to organize the next edition of the World Trail Orienteering Championships, the Lithuanian athletes certainly didn't reach the results they were expecting, but they showed, by the young Robertas Stankevic, quality to do more and to do better.

+ Finishing 14th in the PreO competition, Open Class, Robertas Stankevic matched the result achieved by Andrius Jovaiša in 2014, quoting himself as the best ever in World Championships. It was also the only representative of Lithuania at the final of TempO.

- Far below from what she's able to do, Laima Lažinskiene had in Strömstad her worst performance ever since her debut in the World Championships (Trondheim, 2010). Away from the TempO final and getting the worst result of the Paralympic team in the PreO competition, Laima still could “save” her participation with a good performance in the TrailO Relay. But, here too, things went wrong and the two points missed in the PreO part prevented Lithuania from reaching the podium.


Qual Blue
30. Laima Lažinskiene 405,5 seconds
32. Andrius Jovaiša 429,5 seconds

Qual Red
10. Robertas Stankevic 269 seconds
34. Gintaras Mikolavicius 611 seconds

27. Robertas Stankevic 396,5 seconds

14. Robertas Stankevic 45 points / 83,5 seconds
18. Andrius Jovaiša 45 points / 120,5 seconds
58. Gintaras Mikolavicius 38 points / 230 seconds

14. Borisas Gavrilovas 37 points / 82 seconds
18. Tadeuš Šimkovic 37 points / 200,5 seconds
23. Laima Lažinskiene 34 points / 150 seconds

TrailO Relay
10. Lithuania 358,5 seconds
Andrius Jovaiša (6 points / 56,5 seconds)
Robertas Stankevic (7 points / 33,5 seconds)
Gintaras Mikolavicius (6 points / 148,5 seconds)

7. Lithuania 654 seconds
Borisas Gavrilovas (5 points / 142,5 seconds)
Laima Lažinskiene (5 points / 93 seconds)
Tadeuš Šimkovic (6 points / 118,5 seconds)

Joaquim Margarido

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