Sunday, September 18, 2016

WTOC 2016: Norway

For the third year in a row, Norway finishes its participation in the World Trail Orienteering Championships with two individual medals in the bag. With a superior performance in the TempO final, Lars Jakob Waaler offered to the Norwegian Trail Orienteering its fourth world title ever, while Martin Jullum achieved his best result ever in the PreO competition, Open Class, finishing second. Jullum that has already announced the end of his career and that will be a great loss to the team, surely. The time is, therefore, of renovation, with Sondre Ruud Bråten being the most visible face in this process.

+ Crowning a career marked by the presence in all editions of the World Championships, Lars Jakob Waaler won the gold medal in the TempO competition, after a “shaky” qualification. His 15th place in the PreO competition, Open Class, is also his best result of the past six years and he performed the best leg of Norwegian team in the TrailO Relay.

- It's tremendously difficult to pinpoint Martin Jullum as the “least” of the team, especially after the silver medal achieved in the PreO competition. But his 24th place in the TempO final (after a “cannon-time” in the qualifying) and the point missed in the PreO segment of the Relay - that, otherwise, would have been worth the silver medal to the Norwegian team -, were moments everything but positive.


Qual Blue
1. Sondre Ruud Bråten 172,5 seconds
7. Sigurd Dæhli 260 seconds

Qual Red
1. Martin Jullum 118,5 seconds
17. Lars Jakob Waaler 299 seconds

1. Lars Jakob Waaler 243,5 seconds
13. Sondre Ruud Bråten 352,5 seconds
21. Sigurd Dæhli 384 seconds
24. Martin Jullum 391 seconds

2. Martin Jullum 47 points / 34,5 seconds
11. Sigurd Dæhli 46 points / 112 seconds
15. Lars Jakob Waaler 45 points / 90 seconds

12. Arne Ask 39 points / 173,5 seconds

TrailO Relay
5. Norway 245 seconds
Sigurd Dæhli (6 points / 34,5 seconds)
Lars Jakob Waaler (7 points / 49,5 seconds)
Martin Jullum (6 points / 41 seconds)

Joaquim Margarido

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