Sunday, September 18, 2016

WTOC 2016: Portugal

Since its debut in the World Trail Orienteering Championships, in 2012 (Dundee, Great Britain), Portugal continues to grow. The 6th place of Luís Gonçalves in the final of TempO in 2015 was already a sign that the assault to the medals was close and we had to wait just one year to see the Portuguese team getting the second place in the TrailO Relay, the first silver ever of the Portuguese Orienteering in the World Championships. Mix of youth and experience, the Portuguese national team will continue to improve. Is the golden horizon set to 2019, when the World Championships will take place in Portugal?

+ João Pedro Valente is now the most complete Portuguese athlete in this challenging discipline. Ensured his first presence in the TempO final, reached the 13th place in the PreO competition, Open Class, and managed to resist the pressure of being the last athlete of the team in the TrailO Relay, making a clean course and holding the silver medal.

- After the 7th place in the TempO Final of the last World Championships (Zagreb, Croatia), was expected from Inês Domingues much more than her 20th place in the qualifying heats and the subsequent absence of the Final. Her participation in the PreO competition, Open Class, also had a result far below expectations, worthing the 50th place only.


Qual Blue
16. João Pedro Valente 316,5 seconds
20. Inês Domingues 336,5 seconds

Qual Red
9. Edgar Domingues 264 seconds
31. Jorge Baltazar 437 seconds

31. Edgar Domingues 438,5 seconds
31. João Pedro Valente 438,5 seconds

10. Jorge Baltazar 46 points / 104,5 seconds
13. João Pedro Valente 45 points / 77 seconds
50. Inês Domingues 39 points / 38 seconds

TrailO Relay
2. Portugal 193 seconds
Edgar Domingues (7 points / 73,5 seconds)
Jorge Baltazar (7 points / 70 seconds)
João Pedro Valente (7 points / 49,5 seconds)

Joaquim Margarido

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