Saturday, September 24, 2016

WTOC 2016: Russia

After Dmitry Kucherenko (gold in 2011 and bronze in 2012), Russia reached its third individual medal ever in the World Trail Orienteering Championships thanks to Pavel Shmatov's second place in the PreO, Paralympic Class. Present throughout the thirteen editions of the World Championships - and always privileging their Paralympic representations, with these athletes often participating in the Open Class - Russia was present in Strömstad with a four athletes team, the smallest representation of the last eleven editions. Still, from the point of view of the individual results, this was its second best participation ever in the Paralympic class, after Dundee, Great Britain (2012).

+ After the advantage achieved on the first day of the PreO competition, in the Paralympic Class, Pavel Shmatov had everything to reach the gold medal. This wasn't possible, but it is undeniable the value of his silver medal that places him among the WTOC's great names this year.

- It's difficult not to mention Alexander Kobzarev as the team's weakest member but the three points lost by Eduard Oginskii in the TrailO Relay competition - taking Russia away from the medals, maybe even from the gold - just mark negatively the Russian participation in Strömstad and it will remain as its worst moment.


Qual Blue
26. Alexander Kobzarev 378,5 seconds

45. Alexander Kobzarev 41 points / 305 seconds

2. Pavel Shmatov 46 points / 122 seconds
8. Eduard Oginskii 40 points / 144,5 seconds
15. Dmitry Dokuchaev 37 points / 120 seconds

TrailO Relay
4. Russia 443,5 seconds
Dmitry Dokuchaev (7 points / 82,5 seconds)
Eduard Oginskii (4 points / 90 seconds)
Pavel Shmatov (6 points / 31 seconds)

Joaquim Margarido

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