Sunday, September 25, 2016

WTOC 2016: Slovakia

It was only in 2014 that Slovakia presented itself to the TrailO family. And did it in an ambitious and fearless manner, through two solitary athletes, Ján Furucz and Dušan Furucz. The results then achieved foresaw a promising future, but we all were far from imagining that the medals would emerge in the immediate years, first the silver by Ján Furucz in the TempO competition (2015) and then the gold in the TrailO Relay, this year, by a team having, besides the two brothers, the “rookie” Marián Miklus. Facing the facts, there's nothing else to speculate. There is a lot of talent in the Slovakian team, but there is a real hard work too - and very well done (!) - on the basis of these excellent results. Slovakia is truly one of the most salutary examples of integration and assimilation of TrailO at the most demanding and competitive level and all the words will always be few to enhance the quality of its performers.

+ Apart a wonderful surprise called Marián Mikluš, Ján Furucz remains the great engine of this extraordinary machine. Although not at his best in the final of TempO - after his silver in 2015 one could expected slightly better than the 12th place -, he was, still, the best team member, repeating his prevalence in the PreO competition. Finally, he took the responsibility to hold the leadership of the Slovakian Relay and did it in the best way.

- Dušan Furucz ranked up, definitely, below the expectations in the PreO competition. It may be unfair to him, but this was definitely the most negative moment of Slovakian team from a global point of view.


Qual Blue
9. Ján Furucz 262 seconds
18. Marián Mikluš 324 seconds

Qual Red
5. Dušan Furucz 219 seconds
26. Tereza Miklušová 385,5 seconds

12. Ján Furucz 341,5 seconds
28. Dušan Furucz 398 seconds
33. Marián Mikluš 452 seconds

16. Ján Furucz 45 points / 97,5 seconds
17. Marián Mikluš 45 points / 106,5 seconds
36. Dušan Furucz 42 points / 98,5 seconds

TrailO Relay
1. Slovakia 102 seconds
Marián Mikluš (7 points / 51 seconds)
Dušan Furucz (7 points / 31 seconds)
Ján Furucz (7 points / 20 seconds)

Joaquim Margarido

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