Sunday, September 25, 2016

WTOC 2016: Slovenia

Slovenia signed its presence in Strömstad with a place on the podium, thanks to the 5th position reached by Krešo Keresteš in the TempO competition. It is the aimed return to the places of honour, after a gap of nine years of a team that survives thanks to the persistence of Krešo and Mateja Keresteš. It is expected that this result can bring the needed motivation to something even better in the future.

+ After the 4th place in his debut in the World Championships (Finland, 2006), Krešo Keresteš reached the gold in the following year and, since then, has been keeping away from the podium. He returned this year in Strömstad, reaching the 5th place in the TempO competition, side by side with the Italian Remo Madella. An excellent result from a “historical” of the TrailO.

- In what was her 7th presence in the World Championships, Mateja Keresteš reached once more a result under the expectations. Worse than her 52nd place in the PreO competition, just the results achieved in 2014 (58th) and 2015 (53rd).


Qual Blue
23. Mateja Keresteš 365,5 seconds

Qual Red
6. Krešo Keresteš 256 seconds

5. Krešo Keresteš 288 seconds

19. Krešo Keresteš 45 points / 125 seconds
52. Mateja Keresteš 39 points / 233,5 seconds

Joaquim Margarido

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