Monday, September 26, 2016

WTOC 2016: Spain

Present in the World Trail Orienteering Championships for the fifth time in the last six years, once again Spain missed a great result. Using the TempO competition to assess the value of the Spanish performance in Strömstad, it's easy to conclude that this was lower than expected, since Spain was away from the final for the first time ever. In the TrailO Relay, the Spanish team stay just one point out of Norway, ranked fifth, in the PreO part, ended up being harshly punished with the final 17th place thanks to a weak performance in the TempO. There remains the PreO, with Santiago Martinez Perez to match the best result ever of a Spanish athlete in the Open Class and Miguel Angel Garcia Grinda to establish the best ever result in the Paralympic class.

+ Santiago Perez Martin was arguably the best Spanish athlete present in Strömstad. It was one of the seven athletes to clear the second day of the PreO competition and was also in a good plan in the TrailO Relay. Thanks to the 28th final position, he holds now - along with Jose Antonio Tamarit and Antonio Hernandez Fernandez - the best result ever of a Spanish athlete in the PreO competition.

- Tireless worker of TrailO in Spain, Antonio Hernandez Fernandez was a quite below the expectations. A little step back in a walk that promises excitement and success.


Qual Blue
29. Jorge Valente Barrera 397,5 seconds
33. Santiago Perez Martin 466 seconds

Qual Red
32. Antonio Hernandez Fernandez 489 seconds
33. Miguel Angel Garcia Grinda 586,5 seconds

28. Santiago Perez Martin 44 points / 202,5 seconds
38. Jorge Valente Barrera 42 points / 112,5 seconds
39. Antonio Hernandez Fernandez 42 points / 205,5 seconds

28. Miguel Angel Garcia Grinda 32 points / 395 seconds

TrailO Relay
17. Spain 513 seconds
Miguel Angel Garcia Grinda (5 points / 135,5 seconds)
Santiago Perez Martin (7 points / 102 seconds)
Jorge Valente Barrera (6 points / 95,5 seconds)

Joaquim Margarido

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