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10th Quijotes Orienteering Trophy: Eduardo Gil Marcos and Amparo Gil Brotons were the best

Eduardo Gil Marcos and Amparo Gil Brotons were the winners of the 10th Quijotes Orienteering Trophy. The event took advantage of the fantastic terrains in the second wider wooded region of Europe, attracting to Cuenca, the Enchanted City, over 1100 competitors.

The Spanish Foot Orienteering League met this weekend its 10th round with the completion of the 10th Quijotes Orienteering Trophy. The event took place in Serrania de Cuenca Natural Park, in karstic terrains of great geological interest and a unique tree mass - the widest in Europe following the woods surrounding the Swiss city of Geneva.

On the first day, took place the Long Distance stage with victories of Antonio Martínez Pérez (Colivenc) and Amparo Gil Brotons (COB Barcelona). The race was marked by technical and physical demanding courses, with all athletes making mistakes, in several cases decisive in terms of the final result. Even being one of the athletes with more mistakes, Antonio Martínez Pérez (Colivenc) managed that the sum of his errors was lower than that of his opponents, giving him a tasty three-minute victory over Alvaro Prieto del Campo (Malarruta ). This was also the race on which Andreu Blanes Reig (Colivenc) made a monumental mistake on his way to the 14th control, losing more than nine (!) minutes. In the Elite women, even making a huge mistake that costs her nearly six minutes, Amparo Gil Brotons (COB Barcelona) went on to win comfortably with a lead of 8:52 before her team mate, Laura Serra Sala.

On the last day, the courses turned out to be again of enormous technical complexity in a precious map. Andreu Blanes Reig managed to avenge the weak performance the day before, making a course with only a few minor mistakes and finishing with the time of 36:01. The second place went to Eduardo Gil Marcos with more 2:37 while Luis Nogueira de la Muela (COMA) finished in the third position, 2:58 behind the winner. The women's race met four leaders, ending Marta Sánchez Bruns (Aligots) to take over the first place next to the end and achieving a surprising win with a time of 48:32. Esther Gil i Brotons (Colivenc) and Amparo Gil Brotons finished in the immediate positions with over 2:22 and 3:15 to the winner, respectively.

The Trophy's winners were found after the sum of the times spent in the two stages, with Eduardo Gil Marcos ensuring the victory by the narrow margin of 4 seconds before Antonio Martinez Perez. The third place went to Andreu Blanes Reig, 19 seconds after the winner. In the women's sector, Amparo Gil Brotons won with an advantage of nearly 20 minutes, with Guadalupe Zúñiga and Laura Serra Sala to occupy by this order the immediate positions. The Spanish Foot Orienteering League returns on the 29th and 30th October in Granada, with the 5th Mazaríes Trophy [HERE].


Long Distance

Men Elite
1. Antonio Martínez Pérez (Colivenc) 1:32:20 (+ 00:00)
2. Alvaro Prieto Del Campo (Malarruta) 1:35:16 (+ 02:56)
3. Eduardo Gil Marcos (Tjalve) 1:36:17 (+ 03:57)
4. Andreu Blanes Reig (Colivenc) 1:39:13 (+ 06:53)
5. Lleí Viles Bonet (COB Barcelona) 1:43:18 (+ 10:58)

Women Elite
1. Amparo Gil Brotons (COB Barcelona) 1:29:05 (+ 00:00)
2. Laura Serra Sala (COB Barcelona) 1:37:57 (+ 08:52)
3. Guadalupe Zúñiga (Monte El Pardo) 1:42:25 (+ 13:20)
4. Ana Rosa Poveda (Calasparra-O) 1:48:32 (+ 19:27)
5. Esther Gil i Brotons (Colivenc) 1:52:29 (+ 23:24)

Middle Distance

Men Elite
1. Andreu Blanes Reig (Colivenc) 36:01 (+ 00:00)
2. Eduardo Gil Marcos (Tjalve) 38:38 (+ 02:37)
3. Luis Nogueira de la Muela (COMA) 38:59 (+ 02:58)
4. Alvaro Prieto Del Campo (Malarruta) 41:41 (+ 05:40)
5. Antonio Martínez Pérez (Colivenc) 42:39 (+ 06:38)

Women Elite
1. Marta Sánchez Bruns (Aligots) 48:32 (+ 00:00)
2. Esther Gil i Brotons (Colivenc) 50:54 (+ 02:22)
3. Amparo Gil Brotons (COB Barcelona) 51:47 (+ 03:15)
4. Alicia Gil Sánchez (Colivenc) 54:24 (+ 05:52)
5. Guadalupe Zúñiga (Monte El Pardo) 56:02 (+ 07:30)

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