Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Dão Lafões Orienteering Meeting: Vesanto and Moreira won in Satão

Taking advantage of perfect courses in some of the most beautiful terrains in Portugal, more than three hundred athletes headed Satão for the 2nd Dão Lafões Orienteering Meeting. In the Elite classes, Anssi Vesanto and Mariana Moreira were the winners of an unforgettable weekend of the best Orienteering.

With the season close to the end, the Portuguese Orienteering Cup Vitalis 2016 knew its penultimate round during the past weekend. Organized by the Clube de Orientação de Viseu - Natura, the 2nd Dão Lafões Orienteering Meeting was held in two stages - Middle Distance and Long Distance -, offering also a Night Mass Start as a bonus to the 336 competitors that attended the event.

In the Men Elite, the Finn Anssi Vesanto (EsSu) was the strongest in the two stages overall, ahead of the Miguel brothers, Diogo and Rafael (both from Ori-Estareja), respectively second and third placed. Diogo Miguel won the Middle Distance stage in the first day, but was unrecognizable on the last day, loosing more than thirteen minutes to the winner, Vesanto. In the Women Elite, Mariana Moreira (CPOC) performed well enough in the first stage, ensuring immediately a comfortable advantage over Patricia Casalinho (COC). Despite two big mistakes, Moreira also won the last stage, again for a large margin, reaching a 385-point victory overall. Casalinho and Carolina Delgado (GD4C) finished second and third, respectively. João Bernardino (COC) and Filipa Rodrigues (ADFA) were the winners in the M20/W20 classes.


Men Elite
1. Anssi Vesanto (EsSu FIN) 1942.62 points
2. Diogo Miguel (Ori-Estarreja) 1887.74 points
3. Rafael Miguel (Ori-Estarreja) 1881.98 points
4. Pedro Duarte (ADFA) 1645.77 points
5. Marco Póvoa (ADFA) 1568.56 points

Women Elite
1. Mariana Moreira (CPOC) 2000.00 points
2. Patricia Casalinho (COC) 1614.55 points
3. Carolina Delgado (GD4C) 1445.96 points
4. Adelindina Lopes (COC) 1411.62 points
5. Albertina Sá (ADFA) 1301.19 points

Complete results and further information at http://www.modal.coviseu-natura.pt/satao2016/.

[Archive photo]

Joaquim Margarido

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