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SAOC 2016: Araujo and Loesch won the Sprint

Proclaimed as “the biggest Orienteering event in the Americas”, the South American Orienteering Championships started yesterday in Valparaiso, Chile. Carlos de Araujo and Susen Loesch won the Sprint race in the event's kick off.

The 2016 South American Orienteering Championships started in the Chilean city of Valparaíso. Along three days, will be held the South American titles of Sprint, Middle Distance and Long Distance in the Elite (M/W21) and Youth (M/W18 and M/W20) classes and also the Latin Countries Cup. Almost five hundred athletes representing Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Guatemala, Ecuador, Venezuela, Uruguay, Spain, Italy, Germany, Finland, Norway and Sweden entered the event, which is organized by the Chilean Orienteering Federation, International Orienteering Federation and Club de Orientación Prismaventura

In his second season in the Elite class, Carlos Henrique de Souza Araujo (COGA) reached the first big result of his career so far by winning the Sprint that opened the SAOC 2016. Scoring for the IOF World Ranking, the race in the Men Elite class was hardly contested, with the top five finishing separated by 44 seconds. Araujo spent 18:17 to fulfill his course, with the German Felix Späth (s-sport Team SUI) being second, 9 seconds after the winner. Leandro Pasturiza (COSAM), the Brazilian Orienteering champion in 2016, got the third position with more 17 seconds than Araujo. A word to the presence on podium of Christian Cuelho Braga (FUO), Uruguay, 5th placed with the time of 19:01 and also to the Chilean Jorge Arriagada Olivos (FEDEM), the best athlete from the host country, who finished in the 9th position, exactly 2 minutes after the winner.

In the women's race, the German Susen Loesch got a comfortable win in 17:12 and a lead of 2:24 over Franciely Siqueira Chiles who recently was crowned Brazilian Orienteering Champion 2016. Major name of SAOC's previous edition after winning all races, the Brazilian Leticia Saltori (ADAAN) couldn't get better than the third place this time, with more 3:17 than the winner. In the youth classes, the Brazilian Vinicius Matheus Wosch (COGA), Larissa Schneider (COSC) and João Pedro Jaber (ADAAN) were the winners in the M18, W18 and M20 classes, respectively, while the triumph in the M20 class fell to Chilean Ximena Hormazabal Ulloa ( APOLINAV). Finally, a look on the Latin Countries Cup, which involves a total of 7 nations in this edition. With 39 points, Chile leads the standings at the end of the first stage, followed by Brazil and Uruguay with 36 and 24 points, respectively.


Men Elite
1. Carlos Henrique Souza de Araujo (COGA) 18:17 (+ 00:00)
2. Felix Späth (s-sport Team SUI) 18:26 (+ 00:09)
3. Leandro Pasturiza (COSAM) 18:34 (+ 00:17)
4. Everton Daniel Markus (COSM) 18:48 (+ 00:31)
5. Christian Cuelho Braga (FUO) 19:01 (+ 00:44)

Women Elite
1. Susen Loesch (s-sport Team SUI) 17:12 (+ 00:00)
2. Franciely de Siqueira Chiles (COSM) 19:36 (+ 02:24)
3. Leticia da Silva Saltori (ADAAN) 20:29 (+ 03:17)
4. Camila Cortinhas (COSM) 21:25 (+ 04:13)
5. Elaine Lenz (ADAAN) 21:32 (+ 04:20)

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Joaquim Margarido

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