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Swedish TrailO Championships 2016: Gold for Jens Andersson, Marit Wiksell and William Rex

Three races and three different winners in the Swedish Trail Orienteering Championships 2016. Jens Andersson got the gold in the Night PreO, Marit Wiksell was the winner of the TempO competition and William Rex was the most accurate in the PreO.

The Swedish TrailO season finished this weekend with the National Championships, in Vänersborg. Organized by the clubs Vänersborgs SK and Kungälvs OK, the event called the attention of sixty athletes competing for the Night PreO, TempO and PreO national titles. The first race took place on Friday night and saw Jens Andersson (OK Roslagen) get his first individual gold in a National event. The course ended with 9 competitors with the same number of correct answers (21 out of 22), being the winner the fastest one in the timed controls. There, Jens Andersson got the gold with 26 seconds, 11 seconds faster than Magnus Sterner (Strängnäs Malmby OL), second placed. Ola Jansson (Björklinge SOK) spent 39 seconds to answer correctly the three timed tasks and reached the bronze. The first non-Swedish in this competition was the Norwegian Sigurd Dæhli (Løten OL), 9th placed with the same 21 points as the winner but all the three timed tasks missed and a score of 203 seconds.

The TempO competition took place on Saturday and counted a qualification and the Final. Marit Wiksell (Rehns BK) did a quite impressive performance during the qualification, answering the 25 tasks (5 timed stations, 5 tasks each) in 161 seconds and missing just one task. The World Champion Lars Jakob Waaler (Porsgrunn OL), from Norway, was faster than Wiksell, but answered wrongly to eight tasks and stayed out of the final. In the decisive race, Wiksell was able to manage the good advantage of more than 60 seconds over her most direct opponents, Erik Stålnacke (IFK Göteborg) and the Norwegian Geir Myhr Øien (Ringsaker OK), reaching the gold with the overall time of 304 seconds, against 363 seconds from Øien and 384 seconds from Stålnacke, the silver medalist. Jens Andersson was able to reverse the 11-second disadvantage to Martin Fredholm, reaching the bronze medal.

To finish the 2016 Swedish TrailO Championships, the PreO competition offered a challenging course with 24 tasks and the “bonus” of a timed station with three more tasks. William Rex (OK Landehof) managed to be the one answering correctly to all tasks, thus getting the gold. Eight competitors finished one point behind the winner, with Geir Myhr Øien being the fastest in the timed controls with 87 seconds, followed by Erik Lundkvist (HJS-Vansbro OK) with 103 seconds. Lundkvist got the silver medal, while the bronze went to Desiree Rex (OK Landehof) with 109 seconds in the timed controls.


Night PreO
1. Jens Andersson (OK Roslagen) 21 points / 26 seconds
2. Magnus Sterner (Strängnäs Malmby OL) 21 points / 37 seconds
3. Ola Jansson (Björklinge SOK) 21 points / 39 seconds
4. William Rex (OK Landehof) 21 points / 40 seconds
5. Christian Enberg (Linköpings OK) 21 points / 44 seconds

1. Marit Wiksell (Rehns BK) 304 seconds
nc Geir Myhr Øien (Ringsaker OK NOR) 363 seconds
2. Erik Stålnacke (IFK Göteborg) 384 seconds
3. Jens Andersson (OK Roslagen) 443 seconds
4. Martin Fredholm (OK Linné) 447 seconds
5. Robert Jakobsson (Tidaholm SOK Sisu) 512 seconds

1. William Rex (OK Landehof) 24 points / 177 seconds
nc Geir Myhr Øien (Ringsaker OK NOR) 23 points / 87 seconds
2. Erik Lundkvist (HJS-Vansbro OK) 23 points / 103 seconds
3. Desiré Rex (OK Landehof) 23 points / 109 seconds
4. Marit Wiksell (Rehns BK) 23 points / 149 seconds
nc Sigurd Dæhli (Løten OL) 23 points / 169 seconds
5. Erik Stålnacke (IFK Göteborg) 23 points / 169 seconds

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