Sunday, November 20, 2016

NZ MTBO Champs 2016: Robinson and Søgaard on top again

Repeating the achievements of the opening day, Angus Robinson and Camilla Søgaard were the big winners of the Long Distance stage that closed the 2016 New Zealand MTB Orienteering Championships. The event took place in Tokoroa with the presence of 103 athletes in the 14 competitive classes and 21 participants in two recreational classes.

The Long Distance stage put an ending to the 2016 New Zealand MTB Orienteering Championships. The races took place at Cougar MTB park, Tokoroa, in a superb two way dry pine needle trails, with some great route choice legs. For Keith Dawson, from Great Britain, “a fantastic way to end the season”, as for the more than one hundred participants who headed Roturoa for a great weekend.

In the Men Open class, Angus Robinson got his third victory in a row, after an exciting shoulder to shoulder with Tom Spencer and Gene Beveridge. Robinson was able to get the lead in the first part of the race, but a two-and-a-half-minute mistake on his way to the 11th control allowed to Beveridge to take the command for the next nine controls. Close to the finish, in a moment where every single mistake counts, the difference between the three competitors was of 41 seconds. Once again, Robinson was stronger in the last controls and took a good advantage of a faulty Beveridge, to win with the time of 1:54:30. Spencer and Beveridge got the immediate places, 34 seconds and 2:30 after the winner, respectively.

As for the Women Open class, Camilla Søgaard got the lead in the first control and managed to preserve it along the course to finish with near four-and-a-half-minute advantage over Marquita Gelderman, second placed. Georgia Skelton was third, 9:52 after the winner. While celebrating her third victory in the 2016 NZ MTBO Champs [see photo], Camilla Søgaard wrote on her Facebook page: “Thanks to the organizer for a really good week with some interesting and fun courses!” Also Angus Robinson shared some thoughts in his Facebook page: “Well worth the trip over to New Zealand to take out 1st place in all three races, exceptionally good trails and event organising as well as some tough competitors to race against, hope they can make to Australia at some point.”

One last word to the World Masters Series, that had here its first round of the 2017 season, with the Sprint, yesterday, and today's Long Distance. Leigh Privett and Yett Gelderman were the M/W70 classes' winners in both stages. Jacqui Sinclair did the same in the W60 class, while Rob Garden won the Long Distance and Richard Robinson was the best in the Sprint, in the M60 class. In the M/W50 class, David King and Angela Brand-Barker got the victories, both in the Sprint and the Long Distance. Finally, in the M40 class, Brent Simpson was the winner in both stages, and in the W40 class Eric Swanson won the Sprint stage and the victory in the Long Distance went to Tamsin Barnes.


Men Open
1. Angus Robinson OTH 1:54:30 (+ 00:00)
2. Tom Spencer TK 1:55:04 (+ 00:34)
3. Gene Beveridge NW 1:57:004 (+ 02:30)
4. Neil Kerrison BP 2:13:51 (+ 19:21)
5. Tom Hambrook BP 2:31:49 (+ 37:19)

Women Open
1. Camilla Søgaard OTH 1:41:56 (+ 00:00)
2. Marquita Gelderman NW 1:46:207 (+ 04:24)
3. Georgia Skelton CM 1:51:48 (+ 09:52)
4. Rachel Smith BP 2:00:58 (+ 19:02)
5. Sarah Gilkison NC 2:08:20 (+ 26:24)

Complete results and further information at

[Photo: Camilla Søgaard /]

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