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2nd Ávila Trophy: Victories of Andreu Blanés and Marta Alonso in the last event of the Spanish season

In the astonishing scenery of Sierra de Gredos, in the heart of Spain, took place last weekend the Ávila Trophy's second edition. Last round of the 2016 Spanish Foot-O League, the event was organized by the Club Orientación Maximus, having in Andreu Blanes Reig and Marta Guijo Alonso the big winners in the Elite category.

Sierra de Gredos, “capital of the granite”. It was in the spectacular settings of Navalmoral de la Sierra and Burgohondo, that was held the last round of the Spanish Foot Orienteering League 2016. Wih two stages - Long Distance and Middle Distance -, both physically and technically demanding, the 2nd Ávila Trophy still offered to the 650 competitors a Sprint event on the afternoon of the first day.

Andreu Blanés Reig (Colivenc) was the fastest in both forest stages. Leading the Long Distance from the beginning, Blanés Reig finished his course with a five-minute advantage over his team mate Antonio Martínez Pérez, and practically solved the question about the overall winner. This winning trend extended to the last stage, where he ran faster than his opponents in thirteen of the 23 controls, getting another triumph with a one-minute advantage, again on Antonio Martínez. Third placed in both stages, Eduardo Gil Marcos (Tjalve) closed the podium over nine minutes after the winner.

Decision in the first stage

In the Women Elite, the first stage would prove to be even more decisive, with Marta Guijo Alonso (Via Plata) achieving what would have been her only victory of the season, and by a large six-minute margin. For that, she took advantage of the misfortune of Amparo Gil Brotons (COB) in her way to the 15th control, where a huge mistake caused a eight-minute (!) damage. Although without a clean race, Gil Brotons' performance in the final stage would give her the victory, small prize since insufficient to blur the difference that separated her from Guijo Alonso. Third in the Long and second in the Middle, Violeta Feliciano Sanjuan (Colivenc) finished in the third place overall. In addition, Violeta Feliciano Sanjuan and Eduardo Gil Marcos were the winners of the Sprint stage.

Finished the 12th and final round of the Spanish Foot Orienteering League 2016, the Final Provisional Ranking is now available, whose Men and Women Elite champions were Antonio Martínez Pérez and Violeta Feliciano Sanjuan, respectively. Javier Ruiz de la Herran Pidal (COMA) and Andreu Blanes Reig, in the Men Elite, and Marta Guijo Alonso and Guadalupe Moreno Zúñiga (Monte El Pardo), in the Women Elite, finished their participation in the Spanish League this season in the second and third places, respectively.


Men Elite
1. Andreu Blanes Reig (Colivenc) 1:35:26 (+ 00:00)
2. Antonio Martínez Pérez (Colivenc) 1:41:37 (+ 06:11)
3. Eduardo Gil Marcos (Tjalve) 1:44:33 (+ 09:07)
4. Javier Ruiz de la Herrán Pidal (COMA) 1:55:57 (+ 20:31)
5. Greg Ahlswede (Escondite-M) 1:58:02 (+ 22:36)

Women Elite
1. Marta Guijo Alonso (Via Plata) 2:00:24 (+ 00:00)
2. Amparo Gil Brotons (COB) 2:01:52 (+ 01:28)
3.Violeta Feliciano Sanjuan (Colivenc) 2:02:17 (+ 01:53)
4. Carmen Patiño Déniz (Tierra Trágame)2:09:56 (+ 09:32)
5. Guadalupe Moreno Zúñiga (Monte El Pardo) 2:25:04 (+ 24:40)

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