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Anna Dvorianskaia: "I just want to compete more and improve my results"

Anna Dvorianskaia is our guest today. To the bright silver won in Switzerland, in the Junior World Championships, the athlete added remarkable performances in the European Championships and the World Championships, side by side with the Elite. It's of an unforgettable season, in the transition to the adulthood, that she speaks in this interview

I would start by asking you to introduce yourself.

Anna Dvorianskaia (A. D.) - I was born in Samara, in central Russia, at the banks of the Volga River and I still live here. I graduated from high school and I'm studying at the university, at the faculty of physical culture and sports. I'm learning and training a lot.

How did you meet Orienteering?

A. D. - I started the practice of the sport from early childhood. My father brought me to Orienteering when I was 7 year old. I did it with the children of my age and it was fun and interesting. The serious trainings started at the age of 11-12. My coach is my dad. He's also my main sparring partner.

Was there a moment – that kind of “click” - when you said to yourself: “That's it, Orienteering is my sport for life”?

A. D. - In 2011, I went to the EYOC in the Czech Republic for the first time. I was only 14 years old, but that big competition helped me to realize that I was ready to give all of me to this sport. Unfortunately, the last two years I have had health problems. Just last summer we found the cause and began to fix the problem quickly. As you can see, we managed to solve it. My physical shape was excellent this year. There were a few competitions in which I got tired and weren't at my best. I also have been trying to improve my technical skills, but it has been a little harder. I have to work very attentively with the map.

What are your most valuable skills?

A. D. - The ability to focus on my actions, to make quick decisions, to believe in myself – these are the most important things to have in mind at the start.

How did you prepare for the season?

A. D. - I started my preparations for the 2016 season at the end of January, in the sunny city of Gelendzhik, at the Black Sea. At that time, I started to train with Inna and Tatiana, led by Maxim Ryabkin, Tatiana's husband and coach. At that camp I was happy to follow all the instructions. Later, Maxim continued to work with me, and I'm very grateful to him. More than that, my father continued to coach my physical skills. This camp gave me a big push in the preparations for the season.

When you look back on the season, what were your most relevant moments?

A. D. - At the beginning of the season I managed to get the 8th position at the EOC, in the Czech Republic. Then I got a silver medal at JWOC in Switzerland. Also I got a silver medal at the WUOC in Hungary. All these results made me so happy! My performance at the WOC wasn't so good. I was not bad on qualifications, but in the final I made many mistakes, so I was only 27th.

Did you expect such good results?

A. D. - I didn't expect these results. I just trained a lot to be ready for the competitions. This is the first year I tried to participate in the Elite group. This is a serious level but I was ready for it because I've been competing in the older age groups since I was a child. Of course, this competition is much more serious than that for juniors. Now I just want to compete more and improve my results.

We have now a long break until the big competitions in 2017. What are your plans for the winter season?

A. D. - Every winter I go skiing. For me, the winter is for ski-orienteering.

Do you have some goals already designed for the near future?

A. D. - To train and gain experience. Now I'm training and getting ready for selection for the JWSOC 2017. Another important competition in 2017 will be JWOC in Finland. It will be my last year in the Junior category.

Now that 2016 is close to an end and a new season is arriving, I would ask you to leave a message to all orienteers, specially the youngsters.

A. D. - First of all, I want to wish all good luck. Secondly, I advise to train every day, because training is the main component of success. And last, but not least, never give up.

[Photo courtesy of Jan Kocbach / / Anna Dvorianskaia's profile]

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